An open hearth – gathering site to mankind since the beginning of time – stands at the center of the showroom.

Project Name: Fireplace – Showroom for a stove maker
Office Name: Messner Architects
Office Website:
Firm Location: Zona artigianale 8, 39054 Collalbo (Renon), Italy
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2):175m2
Project Location: Collalbo/Klobenstein
Program / Use / Building Function: Showroom, Offices
Lead Architects: Messner Architects
Photo Credits: Karina Castro

Fireplace by Messner Architects - Sheet3
©Karina Castro

Four charred wooden stage walls laid-out around the fireplace form the backdrop for the displays of stoves and tiles. In their midst, sits complacently heavy the hearth’s monolith rock.

Fireplace by Messner Architects - Sheetv
©Karina Castro
Fireplace by Messner Architects - Sheet8
©Karina Castro

An ashen-colored carpeting, oiled MDF furniture, Heraklith ceiling and wall panels, a coarse green plaster and an interior roof structure painted in black elicit forever archaic motifs associated with fire.


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