From the very start, the idea was to differentiate the Briket Market food court on the fifth floor of the Tsvetnoy department store from other gastro projects by creating an atmosphere all unto itself.

Project – 2019
Total area – 680 m2
Photos – Leonid Sorokin
Furniture design – Dmitry Samygin
Furniture production – Budesh Buro
Lead Architects – Ivan Trofimov, Natalyia Trofimova.
Responsible for Architecture & Design – Irina Bugay, Architect.

Briket Market Food Court by Blockstudio - Sheet5
©Leonid Sorokin

A clear light-gray space serves as a backdrop to bright color block architectural elements, furniture, lighting, and brand style interplay, bringing the food and visitors into focus.
A sophisticated observer would recognize the layout of Stockholm that we resorted to for inspiration, with each food corner designed as a stand-alone Swedish house.

Briket Market Food Court by Blockstudio - Sheet7
©Leonid Sorokin

We have thought up different kinds of “briquettes” ranging from uniform street food boxes selling various food to spacious cubes that can be transformed to host different weekend events. We have created a multifunctional space with a well thought-out minimalistic interior design that provides a comfortable setting for eating, working and simply hanging out.
An important feature of the project is a focus on sustainability both in terms of consumer culture and in terms of environmental protection – the food court staff wear aprons made of recycled denim and sneakers made of recycled plastic bottles.

Briket Market Food Court by Blockstudio - Sheet9
©Leonid Sorokin

Flower planters are also made of recycled plastic. Most of the food court tenants use reusable ceramic tableware dispensing with plastic straws and placemats and offering discounts to buyers bringing their own containers for food and drinks. The food court has two waste management units for sorting waste equipped with basins for container cleaning.


Blockstudio is an architecture and interior design service office based in Moscow. Founded by a brother and sister – Natalia and Ivan Trofimov –12 years ago, the partnership has got over 50 implemented interior design and architecture projects to their credit, including architectural design for country houses.

The architects seek to create interiors that would serve as an ideal background to their owners, in other words, to create something similar to an old portrait where every object and detail speaks of a character adding to the overall image. However, the guiding principle is functionality and lack of excessive details diverting the attention from the general atmosphere of the space, its light and air.

The partners’ different educational background (Ivan is an architect and Natalia majored in art history) enables them to design complex projects where their perspectives and approach come through in a finely balanced-off product.


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