Perovskoe high‐rise tower complex in Moscow, Russian Federation Commissioned by Level Group, Moscow.

Within this urban ensemble that is repurposing a former industrial site, high‐rise towers are accompanied by nine‐storey urban villas, all buildings arising from a one‐ to two‐storey plinth.

Plot area 7.75 hectares (77500 sqm)
Residential NFA 245 000 sqm
Retail NFA 26 500 sqm
Car park NFA 52 200 sqm – 1 800 parking spaces.
Creche 4 000 sqm – 250 places.
Total GFA 491 600 sqm.
Credits: Alexander Samarin, Valery Zuev, Yegor Obvintsev – architects. Victoriya Yesina – visualization.
Galina Evsegneeva – project manager Lokomaket workshop – physical model. Citymakers – private competition commissioner.
Date: 2021
Involvement: competition, urban conceptual design.v

Perovskoe high‐rise tower complex in Moscow by OSA architectural office - Sheet2
©OSA architectural office

Pedestrian bridges connect the private urban courtyard spaces situated on top of the plinths. The towers are situated deep within the perimeter blocks, thus lessening their atmospheric and emotional impact.

Perovskoe high‐rise tower complex in Moscow by OSA architectural office - Sheet3
©OSA architectural office

The space in between the planning units is verdant and conceived as a network of unbroken alleys. The absence of underground structures ensures abundant planting. A natural character of these alleyways counters the high‐density reality of the development. Even on the elevated plinths, one may enjoy the shadow of trees planted in special wells.

A spacious park is a centerpiece to the design. It unites the heritage trees, preserved on the industrial site, with a local preserved monument and new recreation spaces and grounds, complete with a water pond. This new space opens toward the Perovskoe highway and has a potential to become an important local public space.

Perovskoe high‐rise tower complex in Moscow by OSA architectural office - Sheet5
©OSA architectural office

Our design is permeated by light. We have shaped the towers to balance the façade‐to‐sky ratio. This effect is further intensified by the contrast between the textured, brick‐clad urban villas and the lofty, aspirational glossy towers.


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