Main goal of the project was to create a new center in a small industrial town. The old deserted space tramsformed into a favourite place of interest for all the citizens. First of all there was done the participation straregy that included multiple forms of interactions with local residents.

Studio Name: Project group 8 + PARK
Area: 2.77 hectares
Year: 2019
Location: Karabash, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
Photography Credits: Oleg Kovalyuk
Other Credits: Administration of Karabash urban district

Veterans Alley by Project group 8 + PARK - Sheet3
©Oleg Kovalyuk

There was created a mental map with all the features, values and problems of the place. The map also included popular routes and important destinations.

Citizens were willing to work together, during the project there was created a whole community. This project has become a source of different local initiatives.

Veterans Alley by Project group 8 + PARK - Sheet5
©Oleg Kovalyuk

After reconstruction people spent a lot of time in the alley – resting, walking, playing, meeting with friends.

The key idea of a new landscape is a system of “valleys”. Each “valley” contains different functional zone – playgrounds, resting area, event square.

The goal of the project was to make urbanised territory more natural, to show people how important it is for human well-being especially in an industrial town with bad ecological situation.

Veterans Alley by Project group 8 + PARK - Sheet6
©Oleg Kovalyuk

Another important feature of the conceptrion is memory preserving – Karabash has intereting and rather difficult history and it is important to keep this memory and express it through the environment.

Copper colour (copper mining is the main industry in Karabash) and industrial forms are expressed in lighting elements, playground elements, small architectural forms.


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