Twenty years after, I’ve been called to compare with myself and my personal history. The first project, locked and monolithic like an unassailable fortress from outside, allude to some military buildings located on Donoratico’s beach, but also remind childrens that builds sand castles with their coloured buckets.

Project name: Castagneto Carducci Bank_Headquarter extension
Architect’s Firm: Massimo Mariani Architetto
Project location: Donoratico, Livorno (Italy)
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 1230 sqm
Lead Architects: Massimo Mariani Other participants
(eg. collaborators, clients, consultants, etc): Jurji Filieri, Nico Fedi, Alessandro Mariani
Photo credits: Alessandro Ciampi
Brands / Products
Schuco – sistem “FW50+SG” Schuco – sistem “SFC 85” Lamm – “Mura” auditorium chair Appiani – Ceramic mosaic “Mix”
Marazzi – Floor series “SistemN-Marazzi Tecnica”

Castagneto Carducci Bank_Headquarter extension by Massimo Mariani Architetto - Sheet4
©Alessandro Ciampi

The inside instead, in unexpected way, looks like a cavern space covered by blue mosaic tiles; an imaginary tank in which goldfish swim, revealed by ray of light from above. On the other hand, the new building changes appearance, relating to the existing one in opposing way: the previous complex is introverted and locked, the new one is opened and pierced; the first building is organic and containing a surprise, instead the second is geometric and containing a disclosed surprise.

Castagneto Carducci Bank_Headquarter extension by Massimo Mariani Architetto - Sheet7
©Alessandro Ciampi

The furniture of the new building (in turquoise color) is covered with reproductions of drawings made in the last twenty years, and it’s possible to see them from outside.

Castagneto Carducci Bank_Headquarter extension by Massimo Mariani Architetto - Sheet9
©Alessandro Ciampi

Together, these buildings create a new architectural complex, serious from outside but happy inside!


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