The request of the property is to convert the existing two storey building into a “HUB” for new local business realities on the ground floor, allocating the first floor to housing. In the act of transformation, the backbone of the intervention is identified as an added value: an environment that, with its non-linear shape, defines inside places for resting or meeting.

Studio Name: ellevuelle architetti
Design Team: arch. Giorgio Liverani, arch. Luca Landi, arch. Michele Vasumini and arch. Matteo Cavina
Area: 4500 sqm
Year: 2014
Location: Ravenna, Italy
Photography Credits: render by ellevuelle architetti

HUB Ravenna by ellevuelle architetti - Sheet2
©ellevuelle architetti

This continuous interruption in perspective also help visitors to conquer space that opens up to small and surprising settings and enclosures. Even more evident is the collective area on the first floor where sofas and tables welcome residents for moments of leisure and community.

HUB Ravenna by ellevuelle architetti - Sheet3
©ellevuelle architetti

The common interiors are considered as squares and urban streets where you can interact and the individual housing units are the buildings that overlook them: a building in the shape of a city. On the ground floor, spaces are formed divided by “flexible” wardrobe walls, dividing the space into a maximum of 12 offices up to a minimum of 4 large spaces for activities. Upstairs there are 22 apartments for a total of 50 beds. The intervention also includes the construction of new internal patios, 2 green areas that illuminate the common area up to the ground floor, flanked by 22 small courtyards, which bring light into each individual unit.

HUB Ravenna by ellevuelle architetti - Sheet4
©ellevuelle architetti

In this way, the apartments are composed of a bathroom, two separate bedrooms with their own wardrobes and desks and a living area-kitchen that overlooks the patio. A project of this magnitude is supported by a functional program that enhances its choral dimension. The mixitè is one of the key feature that guarantee a good quality of life in the buildings. Through the engagement of different types of activities it is possible to ensure a constant flow of people: at any time of the day there is at least one active function.


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