Inaugurated in December 2019, in Marostica’s industrial area, Pizzato Elettrica’s headquarters is an industrial complex that satisfies the client’s request to work in spaces that combine the perfect efficiency of the production plant with an ergonomic environment for human well-being; human beings shouldn’t have to adapt to working conditions, rather, working conditions should be organised so as to respect their needs.

architects: Carlo Ferrari and Alberto Pontiroli / Archingegno
client: Pizzato Elettrica
location: Corso della Ceramica, 56/B Marostica VI
dimensional data: 24000 square metres surface intervention
92000 cubic metres volume intervention
chronology: July 2017 – November 2019
start of construction date                   11/07/2017
certificate of use and occupancy         22/11/2019
photos: Maurizio Marcato

Pizzato Elettrica by archingegno - Sheet5
©Maurizio Marcato

With this in mind, the architects aimed for a correct integration between the spatial, technological and plant components to obtain maximum environmental quality  paired with energy sustainability.

Pizzato Elettrica by archingegno - Sheet6
©Maurizio Marcato

Working conditions are now optimal thanks to air quality as well as temperature, acoustic and visual comfort.  Natural light enters abundantly from the skylights, internal courtyards and glass windows with a view over the northern scenery.  The east  façade is characterized by a rhythmic sequence of tree-shaped metal columns that support the sunshades which protect the office windows.

Pizzato Elettrica by archingegno - Sheet9
©Maurizio Marcato

“Sustainability” was also interpreted from an architectural viewpoint following the concept that practicality and affordability  give birth to the most noble architecture: simple building solutions, clear distribution systems and sleek style contribute to give an “industrial” image capable of taking up the challenge of time.


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