The plot of the project is located in Pingshan village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, to the east of Neutron Science City, close to neutron source road. The construction land of the whole project plot is about 1200 mu. The planned construction scope is the first land supply for the first phase of the materials laboratory, with an area of 175360.58m2 (263 mu). The nature of the land is the land for scientific research and design. The construction site is 25km away from the downtown of Dongguan, next to Songshan Lake, about 20 minutes’ drive from the downtown, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. There are a large number of shallow mountain areas, densely covered with litchi forest, with good ecological resources.

Studio Name: Turenscape
Design Team: Kongjian Yu, Lei Jin, Fei Song, Botao Li, Xuesong Zhang
Area: 126894.56m2
Year: 2018.05
Location: Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Photography Credits: Zhang Jin Image Studio
Other Credits: Turenscape

Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dongguan By Turenscape - Sheet6
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The design land is the first land supply for the whole project of Songshan Lake material laboratory in phase I, including exhibition, canteen, dormitory building, No.1 experimental building, No.2 experimental building, No.3 experimental building, office building, No.1 dormitory building, No.2 dormitory building, No.3 dormitory building, conference center, no.1-14 expert dormitory building, hazardous chemicals warehouse; there are 24 buildings in total, all of which are multi-storey public buildings The fire resistance rating is grade II above the ground and grade I below the ground.

Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dongguan By Turenscape - Sheet8
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2Site and Challenges

The design scheme standard is built according to the international first-class laboratory standard, fully considering the combination of modern scientific research and office demand with the concept of environmental ecology and sustainability, adopting the contemporary new vernacular architecture that meets the requirements of Dongguan climate, actively exploring and applying the advanced architectural design, landscape design and energy conservation and environmental protection design concept, ensuring the innovation from concept to planning and design, and integrating the important architecture and landscape Guanjie node has been built into a world-class and demonstrative science and technology research demonstration area.

Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dongguan By Turenscape - Sheet11
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3Design Strategies

The superiority of the ecological environment is the biggest feature of the project. The planning and design scheme is designed in full combination with the surrounding ecological environment and mountain terrain, to protect the current Lichee forest as much as possible, avoid the catchment corridor, and realize the protection oriented and rational utilization. In the areas where development and construction are allowed to be carried out, high-quality development shall be carried out, and the buildings shall be planned and arranged in accordance with the trend of the mountains, with appropriate spacing, so as to realize the integration of mountains, water, forests, fields and cities.


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