The largest city in India and a rival to Shanghai, London, and New York is Mumbai, also known as Bombay.
It is a metropolis of lifestyles and narratives and the financial and
commercial hub of the nation. Bombay, often known as the “Maximum City,” is recognised all over the world for the scope and surrealism of BOLLYWOOD, the term given to the city’s Hindi-language film industry.

Design Team: 
Chandrakant S Kanthigavi -Principal Architect
Sagar Gupta
Rohit Baligidad
Vidya Singri
Sourabh Navani
Ranjani N
Varshith V NNagarjun M
Mohit Makhija

Area:  1,10,000 Sq.ft.
Year: 2015
Location:  The site is a wetland approximately 100 meters off the BWSL Promenade Mahim Bay,Mumbai.
Consultants: NA
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Other Credits: 

Visualisation Team –
Arun Kumar
Ramya R Joshi

Film City Tower Bollywood Re-Imagined By 4site architects - Sheet4
©4site architects

Since its foundation, the business has flourished and advanced to the point that it is now a multi-billion dollar industry that is only outdone in size by its American cousin, Hollywood.

Bollywood is a titan when it comes to generating income and creating jobs, both directly and indirectly, and it supports a wide range of ancillary sectors including tourism, music, design, and fashion. The hub of Bollywood film production is located in the northern Mumbai suburbs at the government-owned studio complex known as “Film City.” Multiple recording rooms, gardens, lakes, theatres, and grounds make up this integrated film studio estate, which also serves as the location for numerous Bollywood film shoots.

A new comprehensive and integrated vision must be put out in order to provide a Film City a fresh sense of direction. In order to strengthen the financial, social, and ethical viability of such facilities, the competition encourages us to develop and envision extra creative programming and merge the activities of a film city with other auxiliary services.

Film City Tower Bollywood Re-Imagined By 4site architects - Sheet6
©4site architects


The proposal aims to build a renowned monument that symbolises Bollywood and the substantial contribution it has made to the subcontinent’s cultural environment for more than a century. It is designed with this tremendous industry in mind and alters the Bombay skyline.

To achieve an equilibrium between the input-output energy cycle, the tower’s design investigates the incorporation of alternative energy sources, responsive and adaptable design strategies, and self-regulating technologies.

Although Film city is located in ideal real estate in the centre of Bombay, it lacks the globalism and iconicity of Hollywood, which is home to all the famed studios, theatres, and film production facilities across its bay.

Bollywood Twister embodies the spirit of the Mumbai streets while expressing the emotions of Indian film. It also inherits a modern and futuristic global landmark since it is a cultural and social attraction. Through multiple levels of social interaction, it encompasses the whole metropolitan landscape of Mumbai. The Twister boosts tourism by utilising Mumbai’s position on the international stage. The colour scheme and texture of the structure serve as a representation of the Navarasa. Mumbai’s steep streets provide a panoramic perspective that famously complements the city’s skyline. Water activities and amenities boost tourists along the Twister’s shoreline. It serves as the Indian cinema’s lighthouse. The Film City is a landscaper according to the traditional plan, and a skyscraper that is responsive to the sun and the wind according to the vertical arrangement. The structure itself is encircled by the spiral movement and shape, which evokes the streets of Mumbai.

Film City Tower Bollywood Re-Imagined By 4site architects - Sheet7
©4site architects

RASA: One of the key characteristics that sets Indian film apart from those of the West is the Rasa technique of performing. In contrast to the Western Stanislavski approach, which requires the actor to become “a live, breathing embodiment of a character” rather than “just communicating emotion,” the Rasa method emphasises empathic “emotions that are transmitted by the performer and so felt by the audience.”

A piece of art’s major emotional subject, or the main emotion that is elicited in the individual who observes, reads, or hears such a work, is referred to as a rasa and implies a vital mental state.

NAVARASA: India’s film has been significantly influenced by Rasa. The “the Navarasa”—the feelings EXPRESSED BY FACE, HAND, AND BODY MOVEMENT—is what our design aims to investigate. The proposed tower expression’s colour, texture, and functions all correspond to one of the nine rasas.

Sustainability features

WIND – The suggested windmills will adjust to changing wind directions and provide around 25% of the energy needed for customised coloured photovoltaic panel displays while also generating an additional 5% of energy.

SOLAR – Abstract representation of Navarasa made with practical solar panels has emotion expressions that are cast out of customised solar panels to serve as “a sun shade” and wind pressure at height.

Film City Tower Bollywood Re-Imagined By 4site architects - Sheet8
©4site architects

To gather rainwater for use in the nearby below-ground water management system,
such as purified water for the toilet.


The ideal answer for Mumbai’s warm and muggy environment is a double roof, which is why a green roof is suggested above every terrace. This would limit solar heat gain and create a microclimate.

Studio Profile – 

Architects create positive social change through sensitive design. 4site Architects believe in creating a built environment which enhances life that goes beyond providing shelter. All of their projects are a reflection of core values of life and vision of creating future sensitive designs. They do not follow any predetermined design style, and approach every project afresh catering to its unique context and history. They believe every space tells its own story and by integrating that speciality at the conceptual level that can enhance life and create art.

Architectural design can be weighed on two criteria. Its purpose to add meaning and life to everyday activities and value it generates for itself and the surrounding environment over the years. As a successful business, 4site architects’ vision is to develop experimental, unique and trend setting designs creating brand value for their firm and its vision of high purpose design, rather than upholding a single person’s ideal. Having been recognized by various national and international architectural platforms such as Archdaily and Archello, they look forward to expanding their brand further with a growing clientele and strong networks.

They are a team of professionals who work together not just to match their clients’ spatial requirements, but to add everlasting value, happiness and efficiency to the inhabitants. They believe in a collaborative work environment and design approach, where their clients’ needs meet their teams’ design expertise and direction to produce wholesome spaces.

Trust in collaboration leads to quality designs, they listen to and value their clients’ ideas. In addition, any design can only reach its full potential with its teams’ expertise. Thus, 4site architects expect a trusted and open-minded response from their clients as well. This attitude towards experimentation and feedback are the backbone of their designs. They educate their clients regarding the latest industry opportunities to suit their design needs. They aim to provide a smooth and content collaborative experience to their clients; in that they commit to clarify any client queries and extend efforts to think from clients’ point of view.

They are eternal students of design and learn everyday on site and through collaboration with their team, consultants and clients. Their collective expertise is a result of constant willingness to learn and experiment. They patiently work around the challenges in design to come up with contextual and unique solutions.


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