The Mix-Use building designed by Studio Marco Piva for the city of Caofeidian, 200 km far from Beijing, groups together several functions: residential, hotel, offices, leisure and culture.

Studio Name: StudioMarcoPiva
Site Area 23.288 sqm /
 27.000 sqm
Year: 2018
Location: Caofeidian Tangshan, Hebei, China
Photography Credits: Studio Marco Piva

Caofeidian Tangshan By Studio Marco Piva - Sheet1
©Studio Marco Piva

The complex, of 30 meters height, is   characterized by organic and fluid shapes, designed to integrate with nature and conceived to face and possibly solve the main design issues like environmental impact, use of energy, smart city structure.

©Studio Marco Piva

The key element of the project has been to develop a continuity between the formal structure, in glass and steel  with a play of volumes characterized by the contrast between opaque and transparent stripes, and its framework, privileging light colors and natural materials in harmony with the surrounding green areas.

Caofeidian Tangshan By Studio Marco Piva - Sheet3
©Studio Marco Piva

Indeed, Studio Marco Piva thought about a “green lung” that separates the complex from the nearby main road, through large green areas and pedestrian and cycle paths, to make the ensemble more liveable and to emphasize the possible balance between economic opportunities, social development and quality of life, in a context oriented towards sustainability.


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