Mitrinco Convention Center celebrates a prominent location on the west side of the Bio Bio river, VII Region, Chile, with an outstanding view over the mountains and the City of Concepción across the wide river.

Area: 3.800 (m2)
Year: 2016
Location: Camino Sta. Juana Km 2,9, San Pedro De La Paz, Concepción, Chile
– Calculista: Eduardo Spoerer
– Iluminación: Monica Perez
– Señaletica: Estudiocontexto

Photography Credits: Aryeh Kornfeld Kischinevzky

Other Credits:
– Arquitecto colaborador: Francisca Zurita P.

Sitio Web:

Mitrinco Events Center By SCHMIDT+DUMAY - Sheet2
©Aryeh Kornfeld Kischinevzky

The building, standing on a 7,000 sqm (1,72 acres) site, with a built area of 3,800 sqm (41,000 square feet) has been conceived as a complex of spaces planned to accommodate 1,000 people simultaneously.  The design includes a foyer, the main ball-room (that can be divided in two medium-size rooms or in three minor ones), three meeting rooms for 20 people each, an industrial kitchen, administration and management offices, public’s wardrobe and rest-rooms, personnel’s dressing rooms, store-rooms and all the facilities and services needed to provide the customers a full first-class attention.

The volumen disposition’s allow each one of the main rooms to have a complete panoramic view over the river and the landscape beyond.

Mitrinco Events Center By SCHMIDT+DUMAY - Sheet6
©Aryeh Kornfeld Kischinevzky

Of the two main entrance plazas, one is for pedestrian use only, and was designed to give each one of the three meeting rooms an independent access.  The vehicular access plaza, as a motor court near the street and around a water fountain, has a drop-off area that guides the customers to the main doors and leads to the private parking lot and gardens, terraces and promenades as well.

The foyer and the main ball-room look to the river through tall curtain-walls windows that allow the customers to go out to the gardens and promenade.  The west main street facade is covered by a double skin made out of two stories high windows and a perforated corten steel that filters the sunset light and allow the hills around to be seen through, yet keeping the wanted privacy, but suggesting about activities inside the building.

Mitrinco Events Center By SCHMIDT+DUMAY - Sheet8
©Aryeh Kornfeld Kischinevzky

The seismic structure has been designed of concrete walls and a steel trusses roof of up to 17 meters (56 feet) span.

The project includes some energy saving and sustainable devices, such as generous natural lighting through large ceiling skylights, a ventilated facades system, sun breakers to protect the inside spaces from the west sunlight, double Low-E glass termopanel windows, photovoltaic and solar panels and a heating system that re-uses the heat and energy produced by the building, among others.


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