The project is defined through the environmental interpretation and is conceived as an ordering sign in the urban landscape.

Partners: Alessandro Bellini, Sossio De Vita, Office X, Emanuele Cavallini
Liturgical consultant: Gianni Cavagnoli
Artists: Willy Verginer, Giorgio Tentolini, Fabio Lombardi
Visualisations: Riccardo De Vincenzo

Concorso centro parrocchiale San Paolo Vi - Alba Adriatica By Tino Grisi - Sheet2
©Tino Grisi

The church and the pastoral spaces are located in north-south direction, in the form of two quadrangular blocks with different heights, divided by an open passage. The material and stereometry of the church, as well as the high portal and the symbolic trace in the apse, are images of immediate understanding that establish the identity of an architecture which approaches, orients and brings people together.

Concorso centro parrocchiale San Paolo Vi - Alba Adriatica By Tino Grisi - Sheet3
©Tino Grisi

The liturgical hall entrusts its space to the marked materiality of the brick walls and floor, and to its chromatic metamorphosis in the ceiling. It is a dynamic environment, made glorious by its cosmic opening and the light captured by the liturgical furnishings in white stone and golden inserts. The meaning is intrinsic to the building: it is simple, outdated and spontaneously offers the spirituality of silence within its walls.

Concorso centro parrocchiale San Paolo Vi - Alba Adriatica By Tino Grisi - Sheet4
©Tino Grisi

Tino Grisi is an Italian architect and scholar in the field of building for the Church. He graduated in architecture from Politecnico di Milano, and has a church design 2nd level degree from Sapienza – University of Rome and a civil engineering PhD from Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna. By many projects, lectures and publications, his practice is focused on the proper and progressive matching between architecture and worship.


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