Fusion of old and new

Being rich with the history of Qing dynasty, the goal of the design is not to mimic and replicate of the traditional design, but rather, re-introduce, reinvigorate, and refresh the design of the traditions with the application of the new.

Studio Name: half AND half Studio
Design Team: charles KWN
Area: 20,000 sq.m.
Year: 2017
Location: Longchuan, Guangdong Province, China
Other Credits: in collaboration with CCDI

lcX By half AND half Studio - Sheet2
©half AND half Studio

By taking cues from traditional elements, materials, form, and details, the composition and design of the LongChuan West station offers the general public a freshened outlook of the traditions and a homage to the history of the area.

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©half AND half Studio

Distinction of arrival and departure circulation

The Arrival area is elevated away from the departure level, this clear distinction avoids any potential mix-up and confusion by the arriving or departing users.

Arrival as a preview and short visual introduction of the Tuo Cheng Town area. 

With each public plaza anchoring both entrances and exit areas of the stations, the opportunity is ample to provide a unique experience and to provide a new civic space for the area.

lcX By half AND half Studio - Sheet4
©half AND half Studio

With the arrival area being elevated, upon arrival, this naturally offers the visitors, old and new, the quick, visual, introduction of the vicinity area; this naturally stirs up memories for old visitors and / or offers an instant primer and preview of the area. Additionally, being elevated, the arriving passengers will be easily visible to the family or friends that are picking them up, this not only enables the ease of identification, but this also renews the spectacle of picking up the loved ones upon their arrival at the station.


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