The concept of the 4_Towers project placed in the Urban Garden affirms the typology of residential verticals that has been neglected in the past 20 years. The towers, placed on a green base of a garden / park, allow a minimal coverage of the layout area, maximum impact of daylight and sunlight, increase ventilation and allow a view to all four sides of the world, all in attractive apartments with balconies.

Architect: 3LHD
Project number: 186
Project name: 4_Towers
Program: commercial, public, business, residential, urban planning
Status: project on board
Project start date: 14.06.2010.
Project end date: 28.10.2011.
Address: Zavrtnica
City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Geolocation: 45°48’23” N, 15°59’56” E
Type: public competition
Competition prize / date: 1st prize / 23.11.2011.
Site area (m2): 28848
Size (m2): 72135
Footprint (m2): 7961
Level (m): 123
Client: Allegheny Financial
Author: 3LHD
Project team: Saša Begović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Marko Dabrović, Silvije Novak, Nevena Kuzmanić, Hrvoje Bilandžić, Paula Kukuljica, Leon Lazaneo, Eugen Popović, Ana Kocsis

Boris Goreta, 3D
Ines Hrdalo, landscape design
Nikola Miletić (Kap4 d.o.o.) structural engineering
Mateo Biluš (AKFZ studio d.o.o.) building physics, details
Mladen Stošić (Elektroplan d.o.o.) electrical engineering
Goran Vučković (Ured ovl.inž. građ. Goran Vučković) plumbing and drainage
Marinko Zečević (Citara d.o.o.) HVAC
Zoran Gajdek (Simplex d.o.o.) Elevators
Mirsad Mustafić (Atoming d.o.o.) Shelter project
Katja Sošić (Studio KAPPO d.o.o.) landscape design
Boris Leović (C5 KONCEPT d.o.o.) traffic planning project
Milan Carević (Inspekting d.o.o.) Fire safety


The concept of the 4_Towers affirms the typology of residential verticals that has been neglected in Croatia for the past 20 years. The project was developed for a competition in 2010. The site is divided into 4 equal zones, which also represent the phases of construction and allow rational planning of realization. Currently active phase is in the design development stage.

Each tower has 24 floors, a central core with elevators and (fire) staircases. The simple construction of transverse walls allows a layout with max. 8 flats per floor, each with installation verticals and sanitary nodes located closer to the core. The rest of the layout is planned as a flexible open space with unobstructed views and access to balconies and loggias. The number of apartments per floor drops towards the higher floors and last levels are intended for penthouses.

The basic design element is a balcony, a filter between the apartment interior and the exterior space. The balconies extend throughout the whole length of the apartment on the façade and are subject to transformation by individual users. The facades modular and repetitive production will contribute to the economic viability of the project.

The landscape design as an integral part of the basic concept forms an urban garden, a green zone covering the whole plot with artificial green hills hiding the public spaces underneath. Exclusively pedestrian, the garden offers a space for socializing, children’s playgrounds and various uses depending on the season (picnics, sledding, sports etc.). The greenery changes throughout the year and creates a wonderful natural scenery which can be enjoyed from all of the apartments in the towers.


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