Gaming, as a field, is becoming prominent among teenagers and young adults. Given the 21st Century technological advances, gaming is an industry that is making its way into other streams as well. 

Gaming Competitions are becoming a sport in themselves, with Twitch live streams and Youtube walkthroughs becoming a growing trend. The digital world, constructed out of the ether by the human mind has no limits and is engulfing its presence into the real world from the reel world. 

Digital-Interface-based interactions are becoming a normal of communication, now more than ever, with a few particular gaming gadgets becoming the desire for every gamer that ever is.

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The market for gaming gadgets is an allied industry that is growing at a fast pace. From the sponsorships they do in competitions, to the way they enhance the experience of being engrossed in a virtual world. The gadgets are the physical commodities that link the tactile experience of playing a videogame, to the virtual interface present in it. Thus, the usage of certain gaming accessories is shaping up the growing gaming world, some of which enhance and simplify the physical experience of gaming, and some which create a smooth gameplay experience.

Here are 10 such unique gaming gadgets one should check out!


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While it can be labeled as the Infinity Gauntlet for the Gaming Enthusiasts: the Peregrine wearable interface is one of those gaming gadgets that can commit virtual actions through physical movements via the usage of your hand.

The glove can facilitate control for close to 30 actions via the movement of fingers and the tapping and touching of the palm. The interface consists of 18 touchpoints and 3 activator pads, thus allowing one to strike or cast a spell via a hand gesture; quite like a magical action. 

The glove is made of washable and breathable material to ensure that long hours of gaming don’t forgo comfort on the user’s part. 

Therefore, it is one of those accessories one can use for easier control, albeit one must be proficient in remembering and using the required combinations and commands needed for using the accessory.


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Feelbelt is a new up-and-coming wearable designed for gaming, movies, music, virtual reality, and much more.  An immersive entertainment system offers an extra immersion towards the gaming experience; becoming a unique component in the list of unique gaming gadgets. It supports gaming applications such as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Apple, Oculus, Android, Xbox, and more. 

Feelbelt consists of 10 impulse generators, consisting of frequencies that range from 1-20,000. It can be connected via Bluetooth, wi-fi, or a 3.5mm audio jack cable. It is accessed via the feel belt app available for both; IOS and Android. The application can also help with a variety of applications such as film, music, gaming, or VR, and has battery life that can go as long as 6-hours

The Gadget has different modes, optimized for varied applications. To facilitate each user, the application can work around numerous settings. Feelbelt functions without any direct skin contact, thus; it can be worn over any type of clothing, enhancing the sensory perception involved in the gaming experience.


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An additional gaming wearable for the foot, The Bcon is another one of those gaming gadgets which can conduct commands, based on calibration, but with foot movements. The wearable calibrates in response to four simple movements: heel lift, toe lift (pitch), right tilt, and left tilt (roll). These movements translate real-time measurements into inputs of specific information. 

The Bcon compensates for non-mono-directional movement patterns by ignoring small values on the choice axes. The pause can be allocated to any keyboard key to temporarily prevent the Bcon from sending any command to the PC, thereby allowing easy switching between games and even leaving the computer without removal of the device, allowing the user to resume their gaming experience from when they return from a break.

WIFI ROUTER- Cisco-Linksys WRT330N Wireless Gaming Router.

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Fast online gameplay is an issue most gamers face and need as well to have a fluidic, uninterrupted gaming experience. The Cisco-Linksys wireless router can automatically detect which type of data is time-sensitive (like games), for a smooth gaming experience. It can also make clear VoIP calls using the router to keep in touch with fellow gamers, all the time.

IMMERSIVE VR- Oculus Quest

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VR headsets are possibly one of the most modern and useful gaming gadgets available today, and the Oculus Quest is one of the foremost choices for anyone looking to play games in VR. What differentiates the Quest from other headsets is that it is not reliant on any console or PC and is self-reliant. 

This is especially beneficial for gamers who don’t use high-powered PCs or have any consoles.

The Oculus Quest is completely wireless, allowing true freedom of motion to its user, while they play the games. The wireless design also allows gameplay in any room of the house. Via the simple setup of the device using the Oculus mobile app, immersive VR can be experienced.

ECLECTIC FURNITURE- Retro Gamer Desk + Coffee Table by Love Hulten 

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The Love Hulten Coffee Table Retro Gamer Desk, which looks like an ordinary coffee table in appearance, has more to it than meets the eye. Although it cannot necessarily be termed as one of the gaming gadgets, the furniture piece evolves into an at-home arcade system once the drawer is pulled open. The shelf has a minimalist look, that gives it a   simple and classic appearance.

It reveals a single joystick for each individual and six input buttons for two players along with a selection of three action buttons, start, select, and pause buttons, plus an LED indicator light. When the joystick is no longer needed for gaming purposes, it can be unscrewed and reattached to form the front knobs of the table. As a result, the tabletop can slide back into its place when the user is not gaming. 

GAMING ON PHONE- Razer Kishi Mobile Gamepad

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Another interesting piece of gaming gadgets for the gaming community is the Razer Kishi Mobile Gamepad. This controller works with both Android gadgets, Android Phones, and Apple iPhones. With the direct connection ports, it is ensured that no lags are experienced by the user.


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Armament for the Gamer_©

The Razer Nostromo has a 16-button keypad layout, with an ergonomic design, and easily intuitive access to pivotal gaming commands, this device is one among those gaming gadgets that improve accuracy for key activation, allowing the user game in comfort.

For continuous gaming sessions, a soft-touch rubberized protective garment provides comfort to the palm, significantly reducing the hand fatigue and wrist strain so that the gamer can have a simple experience during excessive gameplay.

SOUND QUALITY ENHANCER- Logitech Gaming Headset

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Light and Sound_©

Amplifying the audio experience in gaming, the Logitech Gaming Headset creates the experience wherein one feels sounds deep when they enter the world of games. The headset is enhanced with the most advanced audio technology. 

In the Logitech headset, the audio drivers provide the user with an incredible experience of hearing highly detailed sounds. Battery life of up to 12 hours, gives better longevity in the gameplay.

NEED FOR SPEED- Logitech G920 Racing Wheel and Shifter

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Driving Force_©

For the virtual racing enthusiasts, this is one of those gaming gadgets capable of generating the thrill and immersive experience involved in the movement of a race car, while being stationary, adding to the immersion of racing games via the presence of pedals, a shifter, and a proper steering wheel. 

The Logitech G920 Racing Wheel and Shifter Bundle is a great gadget to have for fans of racing games and is perhaps one of the most popular racing wheels available.

The steering wheel is made with hand-stitched leather and has a realistic weighting. The pedals have excellent weight to give a realistic feeling without being overly sticky. Adding the included gear shifter, and the racing game setup is the most complete in all possible manners.

The wheel linked is meant for Xbox One and PC, but a version for PS4 and PC users is also available. 

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With the growing gaming industry, the availability of gaming gadgets is growing as well. The development of gaming gadgets is amplifying the virtual gaming experience, and hence, the entire gaming world is shaping into a virtual reality of its own. Soon, most physical spaces will be replaced by virtual ones, and the gaming world is the inception point for the said change.


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