“Vision without execution is hallucination.” (Quoted by Thomas Edison). Michael DiTullo at the age of 13 was filled with dreams and aspirations to design the future he envisioned as a young boy. In 2014, at the core77- object cultural conference which was held at Brooklyn, NY, Michael opened the conference with the quote he shared as a young boy to his parents: “I want to draw stuff from the future.” And from then to now, his journey as an industrial designer revolutionized the way the world saw design. 

Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Michael DiTullo_©www.idsa.org

For over 20 years Michael DiTullo has helped companies design leading products that left a definite impact by generating a remarkable experience to the users in almost every industry. Michael DiTullo is an expert with experience in strategic design, industrial design, brand positioning, product strategy, design language system, retail experience, and creative direction. This helped companies get one step closer to the future they envisioned. 

Out of hundreds of designs ranging from footwear to electronics to transportation, here are 10 products designed by Michael DiTullo that we need to know.

1. Jordan High-rise: Footwear

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Jordan High-rise footwear design_©www.coroflot.com
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Jordan High-rise footwear design, conceptual drawings_©nwww.coroflot.com

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest NBA basketball players the world has ever witnessed. He was a brand beyond a man. In 2003, Michael Jordan retired from the game of basketball and was closely associated with his footwear brand and design. Michael DiTullo and Michael Jordan worked closely on the design of his Jordan footwear that was designed to meet the demands of the NBA-level players. 

Jordan High-rise is one of the models of Jordan footwear that was exclusively designed for high-level performance on the NBA’s basketball court. The eyestay of this shoe is extra wide compared to the general design, providing extra fit adjustment along with the locking system of the lace, that prevents loosening of the tie in the due course of the play. The cushioning of the central spine of the phylon midsole allows light, flexible, and resilient movement of the players on the court. The high traction provided for the shoe helps in the overall performance of the players and minimizes slipping, hence reducing the potential of severe injuries on the court.

2. Polk – Omni SB1 Plus Soundbar 

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Polk sound system, Omni SB1 Plus soundbar with wireless subwoofer_©www.michaelditullo.com

Michael DiTullo believed music is the compression of human emotion into a sound wave. The Design of the Omni SB1 Plus sound bar focused on creating an experience that takes its users onto another level by generating music that sounded like a live performance at home. 

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Polk sound system, Omni SB1 Plus soundbar_©www.michaelditullo.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet6
Polk sound system, Omni SB1 Plus soundbar_© www.michaelditullo.com

This award-winning soundbar is designed with separate movie and music immersion mods that tailor the sound field for a more captivating experience. This soundbar is provided with a wireless subwoofer that helps in creating a rich-deep base. The voice adjust technology allows us to hear every word coming out of the system. The upgraded surround round sound wirelessly connects to other Omni speakers as rear surround speakers, enhancing the multi-dimensional experience of the user. The adapter helps us switch between the wifi and Bluetooth in seconds. The Omni SB1 soundbar is all we need for the perfect music-sound experience at home. 

3. Leucadia Custom Knife

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Leucadia custom knife, cover_©www.michaelditullo.com

Right from Michael DiTullo’s sharp design concept to the meticulous workmanship of craftsmen, the Leucadia Custom Knife sets an example of how sharp and classy everyday design can be. Michael DiTullo’s design involves CMF specifications (Colour, Material, and Finish), which play an important role in the product’s development and overall production. 

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Leucadia custom knife_©Available on www.michaelditullo.com
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Leucadia custom knife handle_©www.michaelditullo.com

A slique layered knife with a fine blade and a designed handle is a limited edition product designed with a Swedish AEB-L stainless steel blade and a compressed canvas-paper Micarta handle. A perfect cutting grip to the handle is provided through the refined transition of the ovular pattern from the circular pattern. Keeping in mind the function, aesthetic, and safety of a knife, the design of an LC knife undoubtedly stands out in the industry of product design.

4. Carpenter M18 Watches   

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Carpenter M18 watch_©www.michaelditullo.com

The Carpenter watch M18 was the first branded collaboration of Michael DiTullo that ever was designed and brought into production. Carpenter is a brand that was formed purely based on design. Carpenter’s design approach fell in alignment with Michael DiTullo’s goal of creating timeless everlasting timepieces with attention to every design element and detail.

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Carpenter M18 watch dial_©www.michaelditullo.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet12
Carpenter M18 watch dial_©www.michaelditullo.com

The concept behind Michael DiTullo’s design of the Carpenter M18 watch was to create a design that demands attention with its minimalistic and quiet approach. The dial of the watch was an inspiration taken from the classic modernist clocks of the1960s. The minute hands are clamped with C3 lume accents and the case cover consists of a 40mm 316L stainless steel polished with high gloss and finished with a sapphire crystal that is double domed. 

The rare side of the dial exposes the watch movement showcasing the dynamic mechanics of design with a floating MD logo on it. The micro-perforated black strap of leather was an inspiration taken from the vintage sports cars leather steering wheel. Carpenter and Michael DiTullo undoubtedly created something special together. 

5. Sound Cylinder-Definitive Technology

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Sound cylinder_©www.michaelditullo.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet14
Sound cylinder_©www.michaelditullo.com

Do you want to experience a mini home theatre system no matter where you are? Then the sound cylinder is the perfect solution for your desire. Michael DiTullo designed this audio file sounder that turns your tablet immediately into a mini home theatre system. 

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Sound cylinder_©www.michaelditullo.com

The sound cylinder is a compressed and solid sound technology system that is handy yet powerful and precise. This speaker looks as bold as it sounds. The Sound cylinder is provided with silicon blades that open wide enough to grab a tab and grip it tight. This sound cylinder has a perforated aluminium casing. An additional magnesium clamp is provided at the rare side of the sound cylinder that acts as a support stand for the entire system. This combines to create a compact and high-performance design system that provides an unmatched, signature sound experience. 

6. Echo Edge Panel

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Echo Edge panel_www.core77.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet17
Echo Edge panel_©www.core77.com

Kirei is a company that provides designers, architects, and installers with solutions that are designed to meet aesthetic sustainability. Echo Edge is an example of one such product, designed by Michael DiTullo in collaboration with Kirei. Echo Edge is an acoustic wall panel system that is designed to tone down the unnecessary noise by providing high absorption acoustic design in the form of a simple modular wall panel made from 60% recycled PET.  

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Echo Edge panel_©www.core77.com

Echo Edge panels feature three standard styles (Level, wave, and pulse.) Each style is customizable and comes with 30 colour options. Echo Edge constitutes feature walls with a modular fin system that is designed to absorb radical sound. These acoustic panels define space design through various possibilities and merits. 

7. Rana-2 – Electric Motorcycle  

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Rana-2 electric motorcycle_©www.theverge.com

Frog is a global design and strategy firm founded by legend Hartmut Esslinger in 1969, who was a renowned industrial designer of his era. Frog along with Michael DiTullo has created an updated version of the original RANA Motorcycle.

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Rana-2 electric motorcycle, concept sketch_©www.theverge.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet21
Rana-2 electric motorcycle,_©www.theverge.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet22
Rana-2 electric motorcycle,_©www.theverge.com

RANA-2’s design includes three battery cores placed in a triangular alignment. These battery cores can be easily replaced during long journeys. Frog mentioned that these batteries run on experimental “nanoparticle crystalline copper hexacyanoferrate battery technology.” This electric bike isn’t designed for mass production purposes and is confined to serve as a limited edition. 

The forward technology used in RANA’s design includes swappable batteries and augmented reality features powered by a Smartphone dock.   

8. Tube Chair 

Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet23
Tube chair_©www.coroflot.com

Michael DiTullo aspired to be a designer who could solve problems through his design. He never confined himself to a single field. The tube chair is one among the many products Michael designed in the Furniture industry. Tube chair focuses on the anthropometrics of the human body and posture. It provides a steady, strong, and tough back support that runs continuously. Slique metal legs balance the heavy chair on top of it. A Striking and classy combination of yellow and black highlights the chair. Michael DiTullo created a design that is strong, Bold, Modern, and cheque. 

Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet24
Tube chair_©www.coroflot.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet25
Tube chair_©www.coroflot.com

9. Olympic Torch 

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Olympic Torch_©www.michaelditullo.com

The Olympics are the most prestigious events that happen around the world. Michael DiTullo was a part of the Olympic design of the prestigious Olympic torch and the medals. Though this torch hasn’t moved forward bearing the lamp, it certainly had elements of design that took people to awe. The concept of the Olympic torch was inspired by the vintage sports equipment and materials that were a part of the locations of the games. 

Few interesting design elements include the perforated metal tip sliding down to intact brushed metal fitting at the neck of the torch; the racked textured leather wrapped around the wood highlighting the stitch near the handle brings the vigor out of the torch. Michael DiTullo’s design explored the use of form, colour, and material that blended to create a masterpiece.  

Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet27
Olympic Torch_©www.michaelditullo.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet28
Olympic Torch detail_©www.michaelditullo.com

10. Selfie-Stick Thermometer

Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet29
Selfie-Stick Thermometer_©www.coroflot.com

Do you struggle to read the temperature on your mercury and digital thermometers? Well, the Selfie-Stick thermometer makes this easier and smarter. With the embedded touch screen and a rare battery door, it makes this design very simple and user-friendly. The touch of blue symbolizes trust associated with the healthcare systems and devices associated with it.

Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet30
Selfie-Stick Thermometer_©www.coroflot.com
Michael DiTullo- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet31
Selfie-Stick Thermometer_©www.coroflot.com

Michael DiTullo desired to design products that added value to its user’s life. He wanted his products to communicate with their users and represent the meaning they are designed for. Michael DiTullo always addressed the question of why he designed the product rather than what and how. Apart from designing, he aced the strategies of design that brought value to the product in the market. Michael DiTullo is an award-winning designer and a pioneer of modern industrial design. He also published books named Analog Dreams and 365 that showcased his concept-driven sketches.


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