Haoshi, let good things happen. Haoshi is a home and living decor design company, established in 2009. The literal meaning of the word ‘Haoshi’ in Chinese pronunciation is “good thing”. Haoshi Designs believe in the notion that life is full of happiness and interesting things. They seek an optimistic approach in their practice. Keeping aside the busy lifestyle, Haoshi Design focuses on the goodness and different angles of perceiving things. Their motto is anything and everything can be good. 

Haoshi Design reflects the ideology of a simple and optimistic approach towards life. The company represents the philosophy of purity and peace in a unique way. Haoshi believes that every good thing in life unfolds a new story. They discover natural behavior and curate a unique design collection for luxury home decoration. The simple and exquisite details carved by master artisans delivers a sense of tranquility to the viewer.

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Haoshi Products_©Haoshi Design

Haoshi specializes in home decor products like clocks, paperweights, and other decor items.

Below is a list of 10 products of Haoshi Design.

1. Goldfish X Clock

Haoshi’s Goldfish X clock design integrates ‘nine’ swimming goldfish. Influenced from the eastern culture, number nine represents a flourishing fortune. Delicately swimming nine goldfishes are a symbol of good fortune and luck. 

The gesture of goldfishes enhances their beautiful long tails, while they flow away from worldly desires.

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Goldfish X Clock_©Haoshi Designs
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Goldfish Module_©Haoshi Designs

As time passes, the shadow dances over the surface between movement and stillness.

2. Rabbit X Lamp – Sit

Rabbit in a sitting posture with a ring of light around its neck welcomes the warm atmosphere in the space. Made out of resins, paper, acrylic, and LED light, the item is colored in hues of white.

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Rabbit Lamp_©Haoshi Designs
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Rabbit Lamp Sit_©Haoshi Design

The glowing warm LED light in a band around the rabbit’s neck highlights the carved furry details.

3. Balloon X Lamp

Balloon lamps render a nostalgic feeling from childhood. The design concept revolves around the feeling of happiness of holding a balloon and how it would gradually deflate leaving behind the temporary happiness. 

Haoshi, with this design, aims to remind people of their childhood memories and keep them lit up constantly.

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Balloon Lamp_©Haoshi Design
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Ballon Lamp_©Haoshi Design

The Balloon Lamp represents innocence, happiness, and a ray of hope.

4. Paperweight

Living amidst the urban sprawl and hustling in everyday life, humans tend to forget the greenways of nature. Human nature is like that. Never-ending longings and striving for more and more makes humans opaque to the modest way of living. Haoshi’s paperweights are inspired by ecological entities and represent different perspectives of life which we forget in everyday hustle.

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Paperweight_©Haoshi Design

Haoshi’s paperweights are sculptures of intricate animals. Each animal unravels a feeling humans tend to leave behind while running after materialistic desires. 

5. Bucks X Paperweight 

Bucks eyes seek for a new and better world.

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Buck Paperweight_©Haoshi Design

6. Bulldog X Paperweight

The bulldog paperweight looks lively with wide-open eyes. The white tone highlights the intricately carved furry skin of the bulldog. The posture represents awareness and loyalty.

Haoshi Design- 10 Iconic Products Sheet10
Bulldog X Paperweight_©Haoshi Designs

7. Candle X Deer

Haoshi’s animal candles represent a way of light in the darkness. A dark-colored deer when lightened brings out the detailed work of artisans. The standing posture with face turned to side focus on searching a ray of light. 

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Deer Candle_©Haoshi Design

8. Dove X Lighting

Dove Lighting creates a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. It is a symbol of calmness and serenity. After a hectic day, a tired person sits back to review the work done. The dove lamp lighted up promotes simplicity and peace but not complete isolation.

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Dove Lighting_©Haoshi Design

The design is composed of three doves which work in two ways, i-e., firstly as a lamp and driving one soul towards inner peace and second as a decor item for interiors in daylight.

9. Chipmunk X Vase

Like all other decor items, this one is also designed with almost no ornamentation. Haoshi’s vase holds a special meaning of showing gratitude and blessing. An act of giving flowers represents happiness and a fresh start. A similar philosophy is brought to life in this design intervention as the viewer sees a Chipmunk holding a transparent tube-like glass vase.

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Chipmunk and the flower vase_©Haoshi Design
Haoshi Design- 10 Iconic Products Sheet14
Chipmunk Holding a Vase_©Haoshi Design

The decor item also leaves a funny imprint as the chipmunk posture with the vase is playful. 

10. Parrot Candle Holder

The Parrot Candle Holder is another Haoshi home decor item that explores little joys in life. Haoshi’s vision behind this piece is the setting of a happy meal. A family happily shares a meal over a dining table and the four parrots fly down. They sit in the middle of the table to spread happiness and sing happy folktales. 

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Sparrow Candle_©Haoshi Design

Haoshi’s designs are an innovative way of presenting little happiness in life. The ideology of an unpretentious way of living and exploring the interesting things in everyday life is depicted in every piece. The designs are not just home decor items but unfold known stories of the past. Its viewers reminisce about the old happy moments and value goodness. 


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Vanshika was born and raised in Delhi. She is an aesthete, loves to explore the field of art, design, architecture, and everything in between. When it comes to writing, she has always been that kid confiding into diaries and penning down her thoughts. She strongly believes in learning and re-learning