Lighting comes down to one of the most fundamental services of a structure. In the world of architecture, the interplay of light and shadow throughout the form has come to create multitudes of eye-catching patterns and shapes. Artificial lighting has the power of defining the tone of a room. From creating drama, accentuating design elements and being the statement piece in the room, lighting fixtures have come a long way from Thomas Alva Edisons’s carbon filament light bulb in 1879. 

Illumination may form the primary function of lighting fixtures, but products in the market today, have cranked it up a notch. Here’s a look at fifteen lighting fixtures that have transcended the ordinary. 

1. Chord by Alex Allen Studio | Lighting Fixtures

The Chord is a metal-finished, delineated semi-circular lighting fixture inspired by minimalist jewellery. The Alex Allen Studio by Alexandra Burr and Allen Slamic amalgamates elegance and simplicity in this geometric light. 

It is the perfect example of innovative lighting and you can use it in your room to have the best vibe. It goes really well with the overall decor.

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TheChord_©Alex Allen Studio

2. Floating Jellyfish Lamp by Kristin Birna Bjarnadottir

Bringing the bioluminescent underwater realm to interior spaces, Kristin Bjarnadottir’s suspended lamp hangs from the ceiling by a fishline. It comes in four colours and patterns and is sure to take away your breath with its surreal fairy-tale vibe.

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Floating Jellyfish Lamp_©

3. Halley by Vibia

An LED lamp with a polycarbonate diffuser, this arched lighting fixture is the perfect outdoor set-up for a mystical universe. The arch mimics the path of a comet, piercing the night sky.

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4. Car Radiator Lamp by Smithers of Stamford

With a funky approach to table lights, the Car Radiator Lamp by Smithers of Stamford is a fixture made out of old, recycled car parts. This lamp is sure to take you back a couple of decades!

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Car Radiator Lamp_©

5. Torn Lights by Billy May | Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures that aim to muddle the gap between the room and its contents, the Torn Lights appear to peel out from the structural elements of the room. Essentially made out of polypropylene, these LEDs camouflage into the wall and create a striking illusion. 

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Torn Lights_©

6. Olive Tree Light by Georgi Porgy

In an attempt to upcycle metal waste, the Olive Tree Light by Georgi Porgy incorporates recycled copper rings into a honeycomb form

The product also comes with its own cheesy poem:

“Copper rings bound round you see,
I call this light the Olive Tree,
Casting shadows on its own,
That looks just like a honeycomb,
It’s made from copper tall and bright,
all in one an Object With Light.”

15 Examples of Innovative Lighting Fixtures Sheet6
Olive Tree Light_©Georgi Porgy

7. Photosynthesis Lamp by Meirav Barzilay

An integration of light and nature, Meirav Barzilay’s Photosynthesis Lamp is the epitome of eco-friendly appliances. The lamp is made of a metal grid with a vine at its base, creating a natural lampshade as it grows.

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Photosynthesis Lamp_©

8. LED Embedded Tiles by Graniti Fiandre

An alternative to under cabinet lights, Graniti Fiandre’s LED embedded bathroom tiles are an elegant way to spruce up bathroom walls when you lack the cabinet space. With a variety of customization options, these porcelain tiles offer decluttering solutions with style. 

15 Examples of Innovative Lighting Fixtures Sheet8
Graniti Fiandre LED embedded tiles_©

9. Ambio by Teresa Dongen

Move over, incandescent bulbs. Teresa Dongen’s Ambio lamp is an innovative approach to artificial lighting with natural components. The lamp’s source is bioluminescent bacteria found on octopus tentacles. When the micro-organisms are exposed to atmospheric oxygen, they emit a soft blue light. 

Unlike bioluminescent algae that can only produce light for up to thirty minutes at a time, photobacterium bacteria used in this fixture can last as long as it is exposed to oxygen. 

15 Examples of Innovative Lighting Fixtures Sheet9

10. flow.P by Mike Chen | Lighting Fixtures

The flow.P by Mike Chen aims to bring serenity into people’s lives. With a LED nestled in the midst of plastic petals, the organic nature of the form is derived from a flower. 

15 Examples of Innovative Lighting Fixtures Sheet10
flow.P_©Mike Chen

11. Meridiano Outdoor Wall Sconce by Jordi Vilardell for Vibia

This beautiful LED outdoor lamp is a composite steel structure that emits soft light. It’s the perfect choice for an ambient outdoor lighting fixture. This wall sconce mimics the radiating form of the sun and creates exciting shadows on the adjacent walls. 

Meridiano Outdoor Wall Sconce_©Vibia

12.  EOS Table Lamp by UMAGE

This innovative lighting fixture is made out of natural goose feathers. It brings a delicate atmosphere to the room with its soft white elegant light. Brownie points for making a statement even without illumination!

EOS Table Lamp_©UMAGE

13. HAN by Goula/Figuera Studio | Lighting Fixtures

Reflecting the Goula/Figuera Studio’s minimalist, geometric vibe, the HAN LED lamp serves dual purposes. It acts as a coat hanger as well as a wall-mounted lighting fixture. Made of steel and PMMA, it’s definitely an innovative solution to cluttering in receptions and cloakroom spaces!

HAN_©Goula/Figuera Studio

14. Milk Bottle Lamp by Droog

An excellent example of best-out-of-waste, the Milk Bottle Lamp is a set of twelve recycled milk bottles that are sandblasted and topped with chrome. This statement lamp not only creates a rustic vibe but also urges people to go green with style!

Milk Bottle Lamp_©Droog

15. REWASHLAMP Project by To Martins | Lighting Fixtures

Ever heard of a washing machine lamp? Portuguese designer To Martins’ lamps use recycled parts of washing machines to create stunning pieces of art. The shade of the lamp is made out of the inner barrels of the washing machine. This rests on an adjustable tripod stand.

REWASHLAMP Project_©To Martins


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