The pandemic has forced many people to stay indoors, and work from home has turned out to be a major work trend, the design of office spaces has also seen some changes such as open planning, workstations placed apart from each other maintaining recommended physical distancing, etc. May the workspace be within the home, or in an office space, it’s a space that keeps people engaged and busy most of the time. 

Introducing a bit of life in your workspace helps boost your creativity and efficiency in work. And, plants are a source of life, and entities of nature help bring energy and create a lively workspace. The green in plants represents growth and fertility. There are several hardy and low-maintenance plants that are a boon in cases where the workspace lacks natural light

So, let’s look at some plants that can adorn your workspace gracefully:

1. Air Plants

The group of plants that grow without soil requires a dip in water for a few hours once a week. These plants help boost the aesthetics of your workspace and can be placed just anywhere, inside the terrariums, or inside shells, wooden barks, etc. These are an absolute love pick to enhance the looks and vibes of your workspace.

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet1

2. Snake Plants

These are one of the maintenance-friendly plants, which can strive well even in spaces that have low light, and infrequent watering sessions. These plants can be chosen if the workspace is always decked up with loads of work pressure, as they do not require any special maintenance.

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet2
Snake Plants_©

3. Cacti

If the workspace has an ample amount of sunlight seeping in, then cacti would be the best choice. These plants of desert origin are happy in spaces with good light, and require water every once a week in summers, and about thrice a week in winters. The cacti also help absorb negative energy according to Feng Shui principles.

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet3

4. Spider plant

Spider plants are one such plant that grows both in water and soil and gives rise to smaller plantlets if well maintained. This plant requires frequent water but can strive well even without sunlight and dark interiors

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet4

5. Succulents 

Succulents are tiny little plants available in various types that store water in their leaves very similar to cacti. These plants can live with infrequent watering sessions, but they require at least indirect sunlight if not direct sunlight. We can also find certain varieties of succulents that are flower-bearing like the “ Flaming Katy” that bears tiny red flowers. 

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet5

6. Jade Plant

These lush green plants resemble the jade stone and that’s where their name comes from. These plants can be placed anywhere and they’ll end up complementing the space well. This plant requires medium sunlight and should be watered after the water goes dry. This plant is also considered lucky by some, and helps clean the air and purifies it. 

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet6
JadePlant_©Andrey Niktin

7. Lucky Bamboo

This lucky bamboo plant represents flexibility and freedom as per Feng Shui Principles. This plant is considered to bring in good fortune, and good luck. Also, the lucky bamboo acts as a natural air purifier. These plants do not like natural sunlight and prefer low light and adequate water. 

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet7

8. Pothos 

These plants also have the name of Devil’s Ivy, because of their ability to grow vigorously, and survive even the harsh conditions. These plants help to maintain a clean office environment. And, can be either hung up or placed on the bookshelves as they blend in with the surroundings.

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet8

9. ZZ Plant

These plants with thick dark green waxy leaves are one such plant that thrives well and does not die easily despite being ignored. These plants are famous for their survival strategies. This plant will add that tinge of green to the workspace and at the same time does not bother the owner due to its maintenance friendliness.

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet9
ZZ Plant_©

10. Monstera Deliciosa

Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, this plant is well known for its air-purifying abilities. This plant can grow up to 3 meters in height when it is maintained well and has enough support as it is a creeper. Also, This plant’s leaves can be cut and stored in water, and they will continue to live by the process of photosynthesis. 

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet10
Monstera Deliciosa _ ©

11. Peace Lily

These beautiful plants give lovely white blooms, hence these are a great choice for people looking for plants with flowers. These plants are again great air purifiers like most indoor plants. These plants look for indirect light as it is the apt condition for them to bloom. And, as their name mentions, peace lily helps keep the space more calm and serene.

11 Plants for your workstations Sheet11
Peace Lily_©

Adding plants to your workplace is an ideal way to keep the office space energetic, and also helps remove all the dust, pollutants and brings in fresh air. This also helps improve the work atmosphere and brings order to chaos. The green color of the plants helps in keeping the atmosphere more relaxed and calm. Other than the plants listed above there are several species of philodendrons, ferns, figs, etc., that can also be placed indoors to complement the workplace. 


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