Luxury home furnishings brand, Maishaa, well-known for producing superior quality fabrics for home décor, and for introducing international textiles brands in India has launched a new series of fabrics known as the Botanical Wonders. These fabrics artfully capture the enigma of nature’s secrets, interwoven into every thread.

Project Name: Fabrics from Revert Collection
Studio Name: Maishaa

Fabrics from Revert Collection by Maishaa - Sheet2

Bearing the luminous weight of a legacy spanning over six and a half decades in the realm of textiles, Revert shines as a true emblem of eminence. Its steadfast dedication to unparalleled quality and impeccable aesthetics has earned it a distinguished place. The Botanical Wonders collection, adorned with captivating exotic prints, serves as a living testament to the harmonious blend of artistic craftsmanship and the wonders of the natural world.


A striking feature that truly sets the botanical wonders series apart is its captivating infusion of nature-inspired elements. From luxuriant palm fronds to delicately detailed floral motifs, these fabrics artfully encapsulate the essence of botanical splendour, gracefully intertwining their enchantment into living spaces. Within the Botanical Wonders collection, it becomes unmistakably clear that these fabrics hold the power to transform interiors, beckoning an embrace of the serene charm that botanical motifs offer, while imbuing every nook with a vibrant, dynamic energy.

About Maishaa

With a commitment to offering their customers furnishing textiles created with love and passion, Maishaa brings fabrics across the world. With a belief that the merit of a product is functionality while beauty is an enchantment, they innovate and produce textiles that turn ordinary things like home linen and furnishing fabrics into elements of ultimate luxury and good living.

All collections of Maishaa are designed by a pool of international designers and manufactured at their state-of-the-art facilities.


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