The project exemplifies the elegance of wood in interior design, as the MD of the brand “W” was highly enamoured of wood. The artistic splendour generated a sumptuous ambience, making the home incredibly captivating and inviting.

Project Name: Celebrity Residence
Studio Name: Design21

Celebrity Residence by Design21 - Sheet3

This latest incarnation of the penthouse in Gurugram encapsulates a sense of royalty. With modest neutral and greige defining the colour scheme, the entire space is a wonderful inspiration for delicate refinement just like the brand the client manages which is itself an example of “Indian contemporary”. The design team established a surrounding of serenity and well-balanced entwinement of luxury & eloquence by experimenting with geometric volumes, clean lines, and open spaces.

Celebrity Residence by Design21 - Sheet5
Celebrity Residence by Design21 - Sheet6


Design21 is one of the fastest-growing interior design and architecture firms in the country. Spearheaded by the trio who got acquainted through their college days Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Ar. Gaurav Pathak and Ar. Amit Gulati, this firm aspires to combine the simple ingenuity of innovation and creativity in all its projects. Established in 2013, Design21 has already had firm roots in India, with branches in Holland and America. This firm is ready to take the world by storm with future plans to expand globally.

Design21 places an equal amount of importance on form and function. But what sets them apart from other firms is that the principal architects have a special fascination with details. So, while all the projects undertaken by the firm perfectly balance functionality with aesthetics, there are tiny details incorporated by the firm making it very special for every client. Another avenue that Design21 specializes in is designs inspired by typographies and natural elements that hone in on the ideas of simple and nuanced accessibility. Design21 executes all its projects with a certain panache that is incomparable to work done by any other firm.

With the expertise of each principal architect in a different sphere of architecture design style, the firm caters to a varied typology of projects, including residential, institutional, leisure, and commercial. Apart from that, the firm also offers project management and execution solutions making this a one-stop solution for all Architectural services.

The company takes up each stage of the project with great enthusiasm, precise knowledge, and skills. Ar. Gaurav Pathak, Masters in Interiors, Ar. Amit Gulati – Leed and Griha certified and Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, certified in PMC, Design21, has diverse expertise and interests, helping create opportunities for the clients to explore and experiment with their projects. The firm continues to innovate constantly at all stages of the project. Their synchronized efforts from concepts to construction along with site implementation, processes, and quality control; aid to deliver inspirational environments that work well at every level. Design21 collaborates with clients, consultants, and end-users to provide high standards of service and customized designs. At the inception of each project, the idea is to sit with the client to understand their lifestyle and requirements for a personalized result.

Applied knowledge of concepts of energy and environment-sensitive architecture and opulent interiors, combined with the ability to conceive innovative design, workability, and material knowledge, gives a unique edge to Design21. This firm is actively involved in raising awareness and educating architects as well as students on green trends, design, and construction benefits in the industry. They are the founders of ‘LifeDraft’, which aims to build societies together, physically and biologically, outdoors and indoors as well as educate the future generation on sustainability in built and unbuilt environments and related subjects. Design21 holds seminars and sessions and takes this opportunity to make people aware of energy consciousness, environmentally sensitive architecture and green practices, different architecture styles, and in-depth design knowledge.

Design21 has a lot of accolades to its name, some of them being -“Eldrok Award 2021: Excellence in redesigning existing Educational spaces,” “Attended Dialogues 2019: Umaid Bhawan Palace,” Elle Décor launched and covered Obeetee Flagship retail store in 2019, a luxury rug company based off Delhi. The principal architects are the Guest Lecturers at Deshbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology. They were part of the Murthal on Energy Conservation Building Code Seminar in 2018. They also Mentored at JSID since 2020 for Retail Design. Ar. Nikita Pathank is the Moderator and Participant at the RK Marbles Women of Stone Event – in 2021 and attended the Inauguration ceremony at Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul, Banaras in 2019. This was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi, Smita Irani, and Yogi Aditya Nath Ji. This firm also was chosen to design the Carpet Museum in the complex. One of the founders Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak has been featured in the ACE magazine in October of 2021. Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak has been frequently invited as a guest lecturer at Kunskapsskolan School, Gurgaon and Shiv Nadar School, and Gurgaon on Architecture and Green buildings. Ar. Amit Gulati was recently invited as a speaker at IDAC 2021 Jaipur.


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