SUN&KRIS, a leading name in the Indian furniture industry, unveils a timeless addition, a luxurious sofa designed and meticulously fashioned by Kuka Home. This classic piece redefines comfortable seating with its unmatched fusion of style and functionality.

Project Name: Luxurious Sofa by Kuka Home
Studio Name: SUN&KRIS

Luxurious Sofa by Kuka Home BY SUN&KRIS-Sheet1

Crafted with great detail and designed to elevate both comfort and style, this sofa is sumptuous and luxurious. Its innovative wing-shaped armrest design, reminiscent of open wings, invites you to sink into its embrace after a long day. With the incorporation of whole feather filling, this sofa provides the most comfortable and soft support imaginable.

The sleek side structure, made with ultra-thin plywood, not only enhances the sofas’ aesthetic appeal but also adds a lightweight and contemporary touch. Paired with the 14cm height bright-coloured metal high leg and brushed oak base frame, the sofa exudes sophistication and refinement.

Luxurious Sofa by Kuka Home BY SUN&KRIS-Sheet2

Crafted from premium cowhide leather, it offers an exceptional seating experience, adding a sense of superiority to any living space. Its modern minimalist style and fashionable atmosphere speaks volumes about the owner’s advanced aesthetics. With its foot-lifting function, users can effortlessly adjust their seating position to suit their preferences, elevating both comfort and product value.

What sets this piece apart is its commitment to innovation and practicality. Kuka Home’s patented silicone cowhide technology ensures unparalleled durability, with resistance to bending, twice that of conventional cowhide. With colour fastness double that of traditional cowhide, the sofa is sure to maintain its beauty for years to come.

Luxurious Sofa by Kuka Home BY SUN&KRIS-Sheet3

To top it off, this sofa features a silicone-infused surface, making it easy to remove stains and providing antibacterial properties for added peace of mind. Incorporating an electric foot pedal lifting mechanism, outfitted with a silent motor and effortless operation, enhances the sofa’s functionality.

Experience the epitome of luxury with this statement sofa by Kuka Home, available exclusively at SUN&KRIS.


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