The Play armchair from Woo Furniture boasts a distinctive shape crafted from various geometric elements. The chair’s back features a unique bagel-shaped detail. Designer Dmytro Kozynenko tapped into his inner child to fashion this emotive, sincere, and playful piece. “Play” serves as a focal point, drawing attention and adding a touch of uniqueness to any interior, encouraging interaction.

Project Name: Play Armchair
Studio Name: Woo Furniture
Design by Dmytro Kozinenko

Play Armchair by Woo Furniture-Sheet3
©Woo Furniture

The chair’s shape finds inspiration in childhood games, such as the one, where accuracy is key in tossing a ring onto a vertical barbell. It also evokes the challenge of mental puzzles, with interconnected circles requiring the right angle for separation.

The design reflects the unstoppable nature of children driven by the desire to win games. The immersive experience of being completely absorbed in a task and giving one’s all for success is likened to the powerful motivation felt while working on exciting projects. For the designer, this passion manifests in discovering new shapes within furniture design.

Play Armchair by Woo Furniture-Sheet2
©Woo Furniture

The Play armchair by Woo features a plywood frame, polyurethane foam, and textile upholstery. The model was awarded by Best of Year Design Awards (International design Award by the US Interior Design Magazine).

Play Armchair by Woo Furniture-Sheet5
©Woo Furniture

It is a creation of the brand Woo, known for crafting laconic sculptural shapes and playful interior objects since 2015. Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, Woo continuously evolves, drawing strength and gratitude from its unique experiences. The company infuses these emotions into its products, often resembling soft sculptures that inspire exploration of the world and self, fostering genuine interaction with surroundings akin to a child’s curiosity. The designs leave room for delightful discoveries, introducing new ways of sitting, be it on chairs or poufs.


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