Spleet Africa, a renowned Property Tech company, sought a new site to accommodate their growth and Micdee was entrusted with creating a design that reflected Spleet’s core values of honesty, trust, empathy, and transparency.

Project Name: Spleet Africa Head office
Studio Name: Micdee Designs

Spleet Africa Head office by Micdee Designs - Sheet5
©Micdee Designs

To begin our design process, we conducted an in-depth Strategy Session to gain a deep understanding of Spleet Africa’s unique offerings in the Proptech industry. Drawing inspiration from their leadership position, we crafted a concept that beautifully merged sophistication with minimalism.

Spleet Africa Head office by Micdee Designs - Sheet7
©Micdee Designs

The design we developed captures the essence of Spleet’s trendy and professional ethos. Bold black features were incorporated to add a touch of elegance to the minimalist aesthetic. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, we introduced timber elements, carefully selected styling pieces, warm lighting fixtures, and comfortable upholstered furniture. The open plan layout was deliberately designed to cultivate a sense of trust and encourage collaboration among tenants, landlords, investors, and other visitors to the Spleet campus. Departing from traditional meeting styles, we carved out open meeting spaces and huddle areas that promote inclusivity and foster a collaborative spirit.

Spleet Africa Head office by Micdee Designs - Sheet9
©Micdee Designs

While the design embraces an open layout, we also recognized the importance of providing defined and private areas for the staff. To meet this need, we strategically incorporated quiet phone booths, private meeting rooms, and implemented effective sound reduction measures such as treated curtains and acoustic treatments. Biophilic elements, such as natural finishes and abundant plant life, were thoughtfully integrated to emphasize the well-being of the occupants and enhance their overall experience.


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