Kunming, often referred to as the “City of Spring,” is a place of vibrant colors and enchantment, much like Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole. Here, one can explore a fantastical future by following their instincts through a world of colors, shapes, sensory experiences, and immersive sensations.

Project Name: Aurora Design Office in Kunming
Project Location: Kunming, Yunnan, China
Project Area: 240㎡
Design Firm: Aurora Design (www.aurora22design.com)
Chief Designer: Yang Xuewan
Participating Designers: Wang Da, Zhang Sijie
Design Time: 2022.10
Completion Time: 2023.04
Construction Team: Rebuilding Space Lab
Photography: Na Xin from INSPACE

Aurora Design Office in Kunming by Aurora Design - Sheet6
©Na Xin from INSPACE

Aurora Design Office, a prestigious interior design firm specializing in spatial design, is dedicated to crafting empathetic and aesthetic environments that reflect contemporary consumption trends.

Embracing the philosophy of “weaving dreams and beauty,” Aurora Design has offered comprehensive design consulting services across diverse sectors, including customized wedding photography studios, commercial retail spaces, restaurants, exhibitions, luxury homes, and art installations. Through years of service and project execution, Aurora Design has revolutionized the traditional brand business model, offering clients a fresh perspective on design.

Aurora Design Office in Kunming by Aurora Design - Sheet7
©Na Xin from INSPACE

The inherent contrast and vitality of the city have inspired the design of Aurora Design’s new office in Kunming. This office embodies novelty, adventure, and antiquity. In a city known for its intriguing escapades, we have allowed the intuitive creativity of our designers to defy the conventions of formal office spaces. Aligned with our philosophy of “creating fantasy and beauty,” we’ve fashioned a distinctive “Aurora rabbit hole.” It’s a space that’s diverse, relaxing, efficient, and liberating, brimming with youthful energy and the sense of wonder one encounters in this city.

Upon entering, a linear space beckons us into a realm bathed in soft colors, igniting a desire to explore further, to seek the next adventure. A tranquil aura prevails as green artwork adorns the walls. This is “Aurora’s Dreamland.”

At the corridor’s end, an explosion of natural light reveals an expansive, inclusive, and multifaceted space. It invites you to ideate freely, whether leaning against a table or lying on the floor. Within these walls, one can sit, converse, brainstorm, and nurture fresh ideas.

Continuing through this gentle narrative, the space unfolds into an even brighter and more diverse arena. Undulating floors convey a sense of freedom and fluidity, facilitating seamless transitions between various functions. The sensitive observer can discern the emotions interwoven within this space, a crucial part of the adventure.

Aurora Design Office in Kunming by Aurora Design - Sheet8
©Na Xin from INSPACE

Climbing the stairs, a balance between openness and privacy emerges. Warm, expansive areas punctuated with orderly patterns create space for imagination, combining youthful energy with rationality. Vibrant colors evoke youth and vigor, sparking new and exciting ideas.

Different hues and forms merge to form a surreal, dreamlike setting, akin to an inexplicable fantasy journey. Each corner harbors a unique surprise, triggering various creative inspirations and captivating scenes.

Moving through the ever-changing scenery and experiencing the space’s emotional fluctuations, we arrive at an area filled with “moments of inspiration.” Blue window frames define this space, where rationality and serenity coexist with a lively, playful atmosphere, always ready to embrace the next burst of inspiration.

Bookshelves seamlessly blend into the walls, housing every “moment of inspiration.” Various installations and artworks engage the senses and stimulate the mind, allowing insights to emerge through reading and interaction.

©Na Xin from INSPACE

As you ponder what lies ahead at the next crossroads, take your time to open the circular windowed wooden door. Beyond it, you’ll discover an extraordinary meeting space adorned with white louvered windows, vintage warm wood tones, and unconventional furniture. It contrasts starkly with the typical somberness of meetings and rigid rules, perhaps reflecting the designer’s sense of humor.

Pushing open the “blue door,” warm wood tones envelop you, leading you into another captivating dreamland. The comforting aroma of food fills the air, and warm yellow light illuminates the mosaic tabletop, where each tile reflects culinary imagination. The mosaic table’s harmony with orderly storage cabinets extends the aesthetic appeal of the space.

The interplay between metallic reflections and diffused light creates a harmonious contrast, while the combination of point and linear lighting enhances the sense of privacy within the space.

In the living room, ideas and inspirations abound, awaiting your discovery and presentation in your unique style. You regale visitors with their origins, discoveries, and unfolding stories. In terms of color and form, each finds its distinct path of expression and continuity.

The entire office exudes an atmosphere of freedom and relaxation, shedding the staid and rigid image of traditional workplaces and the monotony of routine workdays. From functional layout to ambiance, we cater to the diverse needs of every partner in this workspace. This shared office embodies youthfulness and encourages the unbridled flow of creativity.

AURORA DESIGN’s new Kunming office gracefully navigates the city’s adventurous and invigorating spirit, capturing each moment’s freshness with an enchanting beauty that seems to spring from the imagination.

Through the use of raw wood, metal, stone, and unconventional forms, coupled with a vibrant array of bold colors, we’ve established a tangible presence in this dreamlike environment. This represents a novel office concept that marries freedom with efficiency, inclusivity with diversity, and youthfulness with freshness. Our aspiration is to manifest AURORA DESIGN’s design philosophy of “creating fantastic beauty” in our new office space, preserving these “moments of inspiration,” and eagerly anticipating every innovative adventure in this “City of Spring.”


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