Pharo is a new office building designed by Park Associati, built on a plot great strategic potential for urban development. Its location in close proximity to both the Citylife and Portello neighborhoods bestows upon it immense potential for urban advancement. These factors collectively render it a focal point for the evolution of Milan’s urban morphology.

Project Name: Pharo
Studio Name: Park Associati

Location: Via Gattamelata 30-34, Milan
Client: Kryalos SGR S.p.A in the name and on behalf of Fondo Pharo
Typology: Office Building
Competition: 2013, winner project
Project: 2014-2017
Onsite: 2018-2022
Area: 22.100 mq
Professional Service: Concept
Architectural Project: Artistic site supervision

Design team:
Founding Partners: Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi
Project Director: Marco Siciliano
Landscape Director: Marianna Merisi
Senior Architect: Ciro Capasso
Architects: Alexia Caccavella, Antonio Cinquegrana, Corrado Collura,
Valerio Conti, Giancarlo Gastaldin, Lorenzo Merloni, Davide Pojaga,
Marco Vitalini.
Visualizers: Mario Frusca, Stefano Venegoni
Graphic designer: Marinella Ferrari
Energetic Certifications
LEED Platinum

Pharo by Park Associati  - Sheet5
©Marco Cappelletti

This project of urban mending was conceived around the central theme of permeability, guiding the deconstruction of the conventional city block structure, particularly emphasizing the seamless continuation of the façade along Via Gattamelata

At the juncture of Via Teodorico, the building gracefully retreats from the pavement’s outline, culminating in an entirely open space accessible to the public – a new welcoming square generated by the building’s elegant planimetric play. Positioned at the core of the building’s entire composition, the hall serves as a conduit leading to the square that links Piazzale Türr and Via Teodorico, showcasing the site’s remarkable permeability.

Pharo by Park Associati  - Sheet7
©Marco Cappelletti

The complex presents an energetic flow of shapes united by a cohesive organic design. The exterior showcases projecting elements and diverse surface materials, creating a rhythmic façade sequence.

The highest volume is a 67-metre-high tower, while on the opposite side of the lot the lowest 8-metre-high structure is designed to be an auditorium. Both volumes are lit at night, the tower to resemble a lantern, a luminescent lighthouse that adds a new landmark to the cityscape.

Pharo by Park Associati  - Sheet9
©Marco Cappelletti

With LEED Platinum certification, the building excels in energy efficiency. The façade’s design emphasizes energy saving, with alternating transparent glazed and sturdy anodized aluminum or perforated sheet metal sections. These metal segments within the dynamic structure achieve dual purposes: minimizing excessive irradiation typical in all-glass facades and providing privacy assurances.

Photo Credits: Marco Cappelletti
Nicola Colella – Park Associati

Short profile Park Associati

Founded in Milan in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, Park Associati focuses on architectural design, urban planning, landscape, interior design and product design.

Park Associati’s approach to architecture is analytical, pragmatic and tailored, strong in tradition and at the same time capable of generating new linguistic codes through a process that combines listening, intuition and experimentation. Whether it is the Regione Lombardia skyscraper, the Luxottica or Salewa headquarters, a residential space, a Hermés, Brioni or Canali luxury boutique around the world, the retrofitting of a Milan’s Modernist building or the restoration of an entire neighbourhood, Park Associati sees each project as an opportunity to seek innovative, tailor-made solutions expressed through quality and attention to human beings.


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