This is a façade design in Miami’s Design District, known for its extensive and masterfully crafted collection of facades. While the 132 feet by 60 feet (40 meters by 18 meters) existing building’s contribution had to take this powerful setting into account, it was designed to be modest rather than startling, keeping up with the brand’s business strategy.

Location: 100 NE 38th str & NE 1st ave. Design District, Miami, Florida, U.S.
Concept Design, Project, Construction Documents.: Hitzig Militello Arquitectos
Project Team
Construction Documents:
Arch. Milca Amado, Arch.  Julieta Setton
Concept design
Arch. Vanik Margossian
Arch. Vanik Margossian
Arch. Juan Ignacio Rosales

Architectural Program: Retail
Surface: Façade intervention 345 sqm
General Contractor: Ricardo Bebchik

Providers: Qi. Alum –Aluminium decorative Materials

Luis Bebchik
Project Manager
Engineer Alejandro Perez

Photographer: Paloma Zaldua
Year: 2022

HAUSCAPE _PROJECT SPECS by Hitzig Militello Arquitectos - Sheet4
©Paloma Zaldua

A concrete and masonry structure, 40 years old, had its entire shell retained when the façade intervention was done. The current structure is 14 feet tall, has five sizable windows, and two entrances with canopies.

The design required covering numerous functional components of the façade with a skin whose silhouette nonetheless made the original structure evident. To preserve the apertures of the original structure, this higher skin’s bespoke folds and perforations were used in its design.

HAUSCAPE _PROJECT SPECS by Hitzig Militello Arquitectos - Sheet7
©Paloma Zaldua

Through a number of gaps, the concept handles the severe winds typical of South Florida. The mechanical attachment system has screws at every connection, including were it is attached to the original structure.

The building is made of steel with an aluminum framework and 42 distinct varieties of 3 mm thick, warm white painted, custom-folded aluminum panels. There are 238 folded panels overall, which are joined in a continuous line of folds, and these are all the same height. Each panel was created with the intention of being perfectly linked to the functional specifications of the already-existing building, which was left untouched.

The façade gets movement and dynamism due to its continuous sequence of folds at various rhythms, which reinforces the building’s longitudinality. Deeper folds are highlighted in three distinct places, each of which may have a different purpose for the façade. The folds’ unique form enables a depth play where lighting enhances the visual effect.

HAUSCAPE _PROJECT SPECS by Hitzig Militello Arquitectos - Sheet9
©Paloma Zaldua

The panels are attached to cover the mechanical anchoring points of the system, as it was meant to work as a complete unit. All paneling is supported by metal tubes that are visible behind the system, giving the impression that it is modular. The numerous folds provide a subtle and understated order for the façade by acting as an affordable and sustainable design resource.

The Miami Design District was designed as a catalog of incredibly spectacular facades leading us to think about the approach, we should take to create a dialogue with the other facades while dealing with the challenge of having a very small budget.

©Paloma Zaldua

We developed a modular system with an emphasis on individualized and environmentally friendly design using cost-effective materials. As a result, we created tall modules [4′-1 1/2″] easy to transport to the site in a container, easy to handle during installation, and finally, simple to handle. This cost-effective and environmentally friendly design strategy produced a tidy and understated aesthetic proposal.

Each piece’s creation was meticulously planned to reduce material waste and to be assembled ensuring simple handling and assembly. Also, to make maritime transportation simpler, the dimensions were examined.


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