An office space for an international company, Parcopedia, which provides a service for smart parking solutions around the world. When designing an office space, it is always about the company, its business process and the service they provide.

Studio Name: Makani Design
Design Team: Rasneanski Vladimir, Edgars Zeimanis
Area: 1000m2
Year: 2020
Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Parkopedia by Makani Design - Sheet2
©Makani Design

The main task was to accommodate in a 1000 sq m space 100 working places (each department works in teams of 4-6 employees), 1 big meeting room (every month there is a need to gather up to 25 leads in a meeting), and 3 small ones for one-to-one talk, playroom(work hard play hard), and a big kitchen/dining area.

Parkopedia by Makani Design - Sheet3
©Makani Design

The main spot of the office is a multipurpose staircase that serves as a sitting, since it can accommodate more people in a smaller area, and as a meeting room on the other side.

Parkopedia by Makani Design - Sheet4
©Makani Design

The design concept is tightly connected with the business itself. It is a big parking garage, where each desk is a parking spot and road signs all over the floor.


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