Interior for a renowned brand specialises in cotton suits in Surat city in Gujarat. Located in a busy area in a textile hub, the client wanted the office to give all possible amenities and functions, as a corporate office would give.

Project Name: Z Plus Textile Office
Project Category: Interior Design
Location: Surat, Gujarat
Project Size: 1150 Sq.ft.
Project Status: Built
Architect: Ar. Suraj Kalani
Photography: Anshula Tekwani

Z Plus Textile Office by SGK Designs - Sheet3
©Anshula Tekwani

There are 5 spaces in the office including a pantry and washroom.

Main cabin, accounts cabin, sales cabin I and sales cabin II.

The design predominantly focused on the grey palette as they wanted the mood and feel of corporate culture giving it a modern yet comfy look.

Z Plus Textile Office by SGK Designs - Sheet4
©Anshula Tekwani

All the spaces are designed according to there specific needs and accounts office would required storage to most and main cabin would need marble table for private meeting

Both the sales offices are mainly for discussion and selection as they have frequent movement of people.

Z Plus Textile Office by SGK Designs - Sheet8
©Anshula Tekwani

The Material palette is simple glass, pu paint & stone to keep it minimal.


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