The vision of the interior concept of new patisserie in Bratislava was clear from the beginning – to provide the customer the experience of the French sweets in most possible ways. The idea was to situate the production zone in the main public space – the production part is divided from the clients coffee zone only by custom-made vitrine where the tasty, beautiful and colorful desserts are displayed almost as jewels. While enjoying their taste customers can watch the pastry chefs in action on the other side of the vitrine.

Project Name: Le Miam Patisserie
Architects: NOIZ.SK    ( architects are: Ing. arch. Samuel Zeman, Ing. arch. Andrej Šabo, Mgr. art. Mgr. Tatiana Lesajová)
Client: Le Miam Patisserie
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Area: 75 m²
Year: 2018
Interior photographs: Tomáš Manina
Noiz portrait photo: Petra Pavlík Hurai

Le Miam Patisserie by NOIZ SK architekti - Sheet4
©Tomáš Manina

The production part is strictly functional – filled with freezers, blast chillers, ovens and other technology. The coffee part unlike the other is cozy and warm. It was necessary to find some blending elements for the space to make it visually similar even when they are serving different functions.

One of these „blenders“ came up naturally. Granite stone is the ideal material for preparation of desserts as well as it works great – functionally and visually in the interior. Unique bold textures of stone are displayed on vertical and horizontal surfaces – the ones for preparation, coffee tables or even cladding of the vitrine.

Le Miam Patisserie by NOIZ SK architekti - Sheet6
©Tomáš Manina

The brass and mirrors represent and link the customer to the times of the classical French patisseries. The lighting by Pholc above the tables and the preparation area and their mirrored „twins“ create in the space the true noble atmosphere.

Another important blending element is dessert-sweet pink color. It appears in the interior and also as the main color of their visual identity. The pink floor covers the main area and comes up the stairs to the rest of the spaces that are visible to the customer. Chairs by Menu – Afteroom in pink color may remind of French macarons.

Le Miam Patisserie by NOIZ SK architekti - Sheet8
©Tomáš Manina

Whole space is visible from the busy street through its big windows which invite people to visit the shop. These windows are closed by heavy pink velour curtains after the fancy French pastry show ends for the day.


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