Ezulix is a growing software development company providing a wide range of cost – effective assistance to start up businesses and enterprises. Ashoka Design Studio, in charge of the complete Design & Build project, has translated this need for business growth into an uplifting, vibrant and contemporary design that still embodies the values and DNA of the company.

Project Name: Ezulix Software Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur
Architecture Firm: Ashoka Design Studio, Jaipur
Firm Location:201, Nemi Nagar Ext. Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur- 302021
Completion Year: July 2022
Gross Built Area : 5729 sq. ft.
Project location  :  Mansarover, Jaipur
Lead Architects: Ar. Ashok Kumar Jangir, Ar. Surjeet Singh Nagpal
Photo credits: Studio BluOra, Jaipur
Design Team: Nishal Makhija, Bhawana Jangir
Graphics: Yogesh Jangir, Manish Sharma
Client: Mr. Arvind Saini, Mahesh Sharma

Ezulix Software Pvt. by Ashoka Design Studio - Sheet2
©Studio BluOra, Jaipur

An office filled with energy created by the accumulation and contrast of materials.

On one hand, office buildings are expected to create comfortable and personal workspaces, on the other hand, to represent the company’s identity. We have created a response to the context, architecture form and construction, the emotional expression of the facade, and sensation.

Ezulix Software Pvt. by Ashoka Design Studio - Sheet5
©Studio BluOra, Jaipur

The plan layout is designed in such a way to fit out open space working stations, three individual offices, a meeting room, reception, restrooms and a dining area.

The key highlight of the project was the grey and black color scheme chosen for the interiors, breaking the misconception of using light colors in corporate interiors.

Ezulix Software Pvt. by Ashoka Design Studio - Sheet7
©Studio BluOra, Jaipur

The building’s façade is covered by aluminum cladding to reduce the heat and the amount of sun light entering the building with the programmed lighting which will amaze visitors with a warm welcome and for the insiders providing visibility to the outside through its clear, perforate and opaque design.

The façade becomes a recognizable feature that add a  unique characteristic to the project as the owner has intended and as a result, the project is able to enhance the quality of life for the users on the inside while also being considerate to existing surrounding community.

Ezulix Software Pvt. by Ashoka Design Studio - Sheet9
©Studio BluOra, Jaipur

The facade is incorporated with programming lights, reflecting its identity as a software development company. As per the client’s personality and his love for programming and coding the ceiling of the MD cabin has dynamic optics lighting.

Lights used in the whole office were task-based and ambiance lighting.

To open up the whole space glass partitions were used in the workspace to integrate transparency and acoustic privacy.

On the first floor, the planning is function-driven and consists of a reception, MD cabin, and conference room.

©Studio BluOra, Jaipur


All the artworks used in the project have a meaning and a story behind them.

Starting with the workstation, it has artwork that defines the characteristics of a human being as it is an area where people with distinct personalities work together.

The artwork in the team leader’s cabin highlight different parts of the human being which depict the work of a team leader to identify the strengths of their team members.

MD cabin artwork has seven horses depicting Vastu horses with two individual horses facing different directions reflecting two distinct personalities with the same vision.

Infographics used in the meeting area narrate the whole story and vision of the company in a glimpse.

The building’s rooftop is designed as a shared amenity space with shade trellis, and panoramic views of the city.


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