The 3.14 interior design, developed and implemented by the Palermo studio MMA +, is part of the research work on tailor-made and artisanal production for new living spaces. The property is located in the attic of a 1970s residential building in the north-west area of Palermo.

3,14 spazio dell’abitare – residenza privata
Studio Name: MMA+ Massimiliano Masellis Architetti Design Team: Massimiliano Masellis
Area: 147 m2
Year: 2020
Location: Palermo (Italy)
Photography Credits: Francesco Giardina

3,14 by MMA+ Massimiliano Masellis Architetti - Sheet3
©Francesco Giardina

The property, affected by a total demolition and redistribution of the interior, is redesigned to accommodate a family of four. The main theme of the internal redistribution focuses attention on the living-kitchen area with the intention of rethinking the space with fluid and dynamic characteristics. The insertion of a large curved filter wall, with a constant radius of curvature of a linear development of 16m, redefines the entrance space in direct connection with the kitchen, living and study areas.

3,14 by MMA+ Massimiliano Masellis Architetti - Sheet6
©Francesco Giardina

The wall, made of natural beech wood, is conceived as a support element for the life of the house; defines the connection and travel spaces with fixed and mobile parts; it acts as a technical shaft for the distribution of electrical and climate systems; contributes to the wardrobe and closet service of the living area of the house. For the construction, weight and assembly on site, the designers and craftsmen opted for a system of ribs and planking that reflect the techniques of construction of wooden boats; with this system a part of the large curved wall with a pivot opening was created. For the 3.14 project, the MMA + studio has started a fruitful design collaboration with the Ducale Marmi company in Custonaci (TP) for the construction of the kitchen.

3,14 by MMA+ Massimiliano Masellis Architetti - Sheet8
©Francesco Giardina

The bespoke kitchen island system project immediately showed the intention to redefine a light kitchen space with a strong formal identity. The proposal was based on the creation of a kitchen / table in contrast to the monobloc system consisting of base units and integrated top. The “table” is made up of a system of tops and drawers covered in Carnico gray marble, the supporting structure is made up of a steel frame with adjustable feet.

Massimiliano Masellis Architetti +

Massimiliano Masellis Architetti + is an architecture and design studio based in Palermo (Italy), which develops its research in the field of architectural design, interior design and product design. Massimiliano Masellis, born in Palermo in 1983, graduated in Architecture in 2009. After a brief university experience as a tutor in architectural design courses at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Palermo and at the Kore University of Enna, he worked at the FareBase studio of Prof. Arch. Giuseppe Marsala, deepening the professional knowledge in the field of architectural design and in the management of the work team. In 2011, with the architect Salvatore Barone and the architect Andrea Liguori he founded the Spazio | 23 Architecture & Engineering studio, a young design firm that researches and experiments in architecture and design. In 2017 he founded the Massimiliano Masellis Architetti + studio. The same year he won the Selinunte National Award organized by AIAC and the SACU Critics Award at the University of Camerino. In 2019, on the occasion of Milan Design Week ’19, the MandarinArte project won the “mention award” at the R.I.U.S.O. AWN 06 2018/2019 organized by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators.


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