The project was designed for an Advocate firm with a thought to change the perception of heavy wood finished office design towards a more contemporary perspective. So rather than just focusing more on wooden element, we created a balance in the elements of the Office. Also this was the time, when we were facing lockdown and material shortages everywhere. The materials were changed many times as per their availability.

Project Type : Office Interiors
Project Name : CHAMBER 23
Location : Kanhaiya Singhal Law Office, E block, House, 2, Jangpura Ext Rd, Jangpura, Block E, Jungpura Extension, New Delhi, Delhi 110014
Year Built : 2021
Duration of project : 4 Months
Plot Area : 200 sq.m
Built up : 800 sq.m
Project Size: sq feet : 1600 sq.ft
Project Cost Appx : 75 lakhs

Principal Architect(s) : Ar. Udit Bhardwaj
Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) : Ms. Sakshi Gupta, Ms. Susma Nandi, Mr. Zeeshan Khan, Ms. Mili Jhunjhunwala

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The Flooring pattern is a mix of modern and traditional concepts. The patterns are beautifully made on site with a mix of brass strips being perfectly curated as per the minute of the details.

It’s a mix of traditional style with contemporary patterns

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The KSLO Office, a compact existent area in a residential building, is located in one of the most affluent areas of New Delhi, which is also dominated by a populace of the legal profession. The project focused on a composed reconfiguration of the provided space interiors in the applicability of new partitions, circulations, and openings, as required by the client for his new office. The goal was to achieve a work environment that is attentive, disciplined but also pacifying simultaneously.

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Workspace is usually that one solitary space where an individual spends more time as compared to their homes. While numerous law workplaces across India embrace a custom style layout, loaded with larger than average leather chairs, thick bookshelves, and framed artistry, we, on the contrary, blatantly overlooked the convention of office interiors. We emerged with our interpretation of design styles about how legitimate an advocate’s office should look.

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The spaces in the office are zoned and segregated in an order that ensures less interaction and more privacy in maintaining the discipline required. To transcend this monotony in law firms, relaxation spots are provided for a breakthrough in semi-open spaces.

The interior of the space is an amalgamation of classical and modern with a touch of vintage as an embellishment. The classical wall moldings with the linearity in the design exhibit contrast and creativity. The ethereal angled partition wall made of Pine wood blocks finished in Duco acts as a counterpoint to the monolithic presence of workstations from the reception.

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The main entrance to the office focuses on the monogram blended with concrete texture accentuates the warmness in the space. Workstations customized on site overlooking the reception area adds contrast to the modern frame of the office. Featuring a wall of thick bookshelves behind the director’s chamber imparts acoustical benefit together with creativity. The overall classical elements are added by the flooring patterns incorporated in design. The amalgamation of White Statuario with Brass metal inlay adds to the elegance of the space.

The contrast between the orthogonal volumes with oblique surfaces in addition to its color palette expresses a lot about occupants’ morals towards their profession. The use of warm neutral colors with a tincture of blue gives a very tranquil vibe.


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