Sahyadri (mountains)… In Sanskrit it elaborates as Sahya + Adri meaning the endurable mountains.

This  is  the  soul  of  the  Sahyadri…  always  been  benevolent,  kind  hearted  and  humane.  The spirit of bonding and trust developed with Sahyadri Mountains is brought to our space; making it a truly people friendly building. It will be A SPACE FOR EVERYONE…  Apart  from serving  citizens  generously,  this  space  will  become  common  communication  and  interaction  spot.  Everyone is invited to celebrate their own space, designed for them.

Project Name: ‘ Sahyadri ‘ Administrative office , Satara
Architecture Firm: XeNOS DESIGNERS
Firm Location: Kolhapur
Gross Built Area: 1,20,000 sft
Project location: Satara
Lead Architects:  Ar.Sagar Jadhav

Additional Credits
Design Team: Ar.Sagar Jadhav
Ar.Harshada Jadhav
Ar.Snehal Kumbhar
Ar.Anuprita Potdar

Clients: Satara Municiapal corporation

Sahyadri Administration Office By XeNOS DESIGNERS - Sheet2

The challenge is to design an administrative building on the site which is nested in majestic mountains. These benevolent mountains have enthused us to give the rock solid identity to this space. Water, Stone, Greenery, Earth and sky these are the elements of nature which elite the Sahyadri and are contemplated in our building by transforming its spirit into space, by carving out spaces around it, by reflecting it into different graphical forms, and through materials and colour palette.

Satara is gateway of Sahyadri Mountains. Satara marks its identity on world map through Kaas plateau, forts, hill marathon, heritage palaces and Ghats.

Sahyadri Administration Office By XeNOS DESIGNERS - Sheet3

An attempt is made to create a  prominent public square in the city, which would invite every  citizen to the space at the same time administrators and common citizens should feel the responsibility to maintain sanctity of their relationship with each other and hence with the city. The activities are housed on the ground floor with cultural, patriotic, art and commercial functions are spread throughout the intermediate social and interactive environments.

The space is designed considering ease of circulation and to maintain the privacy of administrative work. Councilors, working staff and public activities are virtually connected to each other and yet they are divided intensely. Solar Passive design strategy is implemented to make the built form environmentally responsive. User friendly and maintenance friendly details enhance the ecological values. The goal of the design is to conceive an open building that is effective as an inviting and yet powerful symbol of democracy.

Sahyadri Administration Office By XeNOS DESIGNERS - Sheet5

We learn many things from tradition but we need to create a contemporary building which is inspired by tradition. The effort has been made to evolve a simple and elegant solution in a beautiful setting so as to enhance the sense of ownership of the people. Thus the building becomes the manifestation of the democratic equilibrium between the people headed by their elected representatives and the administrative machinery operated by the officials. The corporation building is the administrative headquarters of the city. It is a meeting place of the citizens, their elected representatives and the administrative machinery. Our material palette is inspired from these elements; it is purposefully natural and raw in response to the project theme context, designed to weather and patina naturally. Interrelation of these materials through art factor is one of the important parts of our design strategy. The building does not just possess the existence as ‘monument ‘ but also creates ‘environment’ to the citizens through the spirit of Sahyadri.


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