Roomy Design (former Zaarchitects) is an architectural practice founded in 2009 by Dimitri Zhuikov (1983) and Arina Ageeva (1987). The studio located in Munich, Germany.

Studio Name: Roomy Design(former Zaarchitects)
Design Team: Arina Ageeva, Dimitri Zhuikov, Yuri Bendasov, Eugene Chernopissky
Location: Charkiv, Ukraine

Voomy IT-park By ZA ARCHITECTS - Sheet2
©Roomy Design(former Zaarchitects)

The studio deals with architecture and urbanism always making a special point of looking for new approaches. In our work we do not adhere to some predetermined aesthetics.

Voomy IT-park By ZA ARCHITECTS - Sheet5
©Roomy Design(former Zaarchitects)

Rather we follow a comprehensive philosophic approach, which, nevertheless, contains a certain emotional component. The aim of this method is to create specific design which would be the synthesis of project assignments, context, functions and other determining factors.

Voomy IT-park By ZA ARCHITECTS - Sheet6
©Roomy Design(former Zaarchitects)

In our understanding, a project is successful when due to our creative effort it finally finds itself and is able to keep
pace with the time.


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