Kavak is a company dedicated to the sale of used vehicles, leader in the Mexican market. The first step of this unicorn company to regionalize its business was Argentina. For this reason the identity came from the mother company, but it only had the graphic identity development.

Location: Philips building, Vedia 3892 -Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Concept Design, Project, Construction Documents, Construction management, Interior Design: Hitzig Militello Arquitectos

Project Team

Construction documents: Arch. Julieta Setton
Renders: Arch. Vanik Magossian
Construction Manager: Arch. Julieta Setton

Architectural Program: Offices
Surface: Ground Floor 800 sqm
General Contractor: Acontec S.R.L.

CG alimunium coated
Fauna- furniture
Agumar- furniture
El espartano- furniture
E27 iluminación- lighting fixtures
Jardines el ceibo -exterior vegetation
Huup iluminación- lighting fixtures
Photographer: Federico Kulekdjian
Year: 2020/21

Kavak Office By Hitzig Militello Arquitectos - Sheet2
©Federico Kulekdjian

Our job was to receive the directives on the guidelines on the functional organization used in Mexico, add the palette of materials, and with all this compose a sober tonal balance that accurately represents the brand. Therefore, we had to develop a tectonic identity linked to the graphic identity generated in Kavak Mexico. This is how we investigated materials that define the brand as is the example of the black corrugated sheet metal, the proposed furniture, lighting, which have been a key part of this new identity.

Kavak Office By Hitzig Militello Arquitectos - Sheet4
©Federico Kulekdjian

We explored and developed the resource of diagonals as an expression associated with the letter K, which can be verified from the windows, the lighting layout, and the metallic divisions & vegetation that shape the delimitation of the open space whose areas are divided by the consultation of the sample case and reception.

Kavak Office By Hitzig Militello Arquitectos - Sheet6
©Federico Kulekdjian

The office space is located in the former Phillips factory (Argentina) and has a particular factory aesthetic, which was perfectly associated with the tectonic aesthetic that we have developed in the materials for the Kavak brand. The space has a development of 800 m2, mainly diagrammed through the repetition of boxes in the center of the space that divide the openspace areas strategically to avoid the “big space”. These characteristic boxes are clad in white sheet metal on the outside and function as islands, where the phone booths, chill meeting rooms, lockers and sitting areas are located.

Kavak Office By Hitzig Militello Arquitectos - Sheet9
©Federico Kulekdjian

The overall space is divided into two openspace for the tech and dining areas. Towards the end of the office layout we found the call center and two large meeting rooms. An area of grandstands and furniture was developed especially for use in chill format.


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