This house near Bitan in Xindian features an idyllic view from the window: a beautiful scene of dark green waters and emerald green mountains.

Project Name: The Reflection of Life
Architect Name: Yuan Architects

The Reflection of Life by Yuan Architects - Sheet2
©Yuan Architects

Still, the warmest and most beautiful aspect of this scene is the everyday lives of the family who lives there. The design concept incorporates the sparkling surface of Bitan’s water as a primary spatial element, and through precise angles and intersections set at different heights, the ceiling is a system of fluctuation composed of variously sized triangular panels.

The Reflection of Life by Yuan Architects - Sheet4
©Yuan Architects

There is a fixed space that separates each seemingly irregular triangular piece, allowing light fixtures to shine through the gaps and illuminate the room in the same way rays of light pierce through clouds. This makes for a unique scene in the home, and it allows for unique experiences of light and shadow to be had in every corner of the house.

The Reflection of Life by Yuan Architects - Sheet8
©Yuan Architects

The triangular panel ceiling system covers the commonly used areas of the house, from the foyer to the living room, dining room, and bar, creating a free and flowing scene that is accented by the solid presence of the dark-paneled, built-in cabinets that line the walls. With white polished stone floors that seem to be topped with a thin layer of water, the white undulating ceilings give the appearance of clouds in the sky.

And just as the surface of a lake mirrors the sun above, so the floor and ceiling, from their own respective angles, give off quiet reflections of the life that moves through the house.

Cast upon the ceiling and floor, a liquid layer of light and a reflection of life.


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