The history of architecture has led man into a lot of questioning and pondering about how humans existed the way they are now; what if there were no such term as architects or architecture?

Architecture means the art and technique of designing and building, but Sapien’s history has many insights way beyond the history of art and architecture. Human existence has undergone a lot of changes in revolutions and enhancements until now. 

It all started 100,000 years ago, at least six human species inhabited the earth. Today there is just one. Us. Homo sapiens.

Yuval Noah Harari.

Back then, Homo- sapiens responded to several factors such as climatic conditions, food, and water bodies nearby so that they could thrive. Humans took the help of nature which is a cave, as their first residing place so that they could feel protected from wild animals and harsh climate. Unknowingly that was only a beginning nobody would have ever imagined. Today sapiens are all over the world, subtle and settled. Architecture is no more a need for many humans. It has now converted into luxury, designing along with the factors like climate, orientation and energy efficiency.

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Interior of Sumbay Cave. The walls are covered by rupestrian rock art (hunters, animals) from paleolithic era (6000-8000 BC), Arequipa departement, Southern Peru_

Past and present – day Architecture

With the recessions of the last glaciers, the climate grew warmer, and Man from the British Isles to the Indus Valley was able to go beyond caves. Free from caves, man stopped migrating and began to settle; that is where the born of architecture took place. The climatic conditions of the earth led man to explore new materials. Although these early examples were generally constructed of perishable materials but sometimes of stones.

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Mohenjo-daro – an archaeological site in the province of Sindh, Pakistan_

Wondering if the biggest civilizations occurred in the sequence of timeline thriving from one century to another considering certain significant factors, what if there would be no such word architecture. We see art everywhere in nature or in day-to-day life. Architecture is a type of art that is impossible to extirpate from human life. Without Architecture, there would be nowhere to hang and observe groundbreaking works of art; nowhere to store libraries and volumes of the recorded ideas shaping mankind. No structure to which worship a higher power.

Architecture means not just building. It shapes human lifestyle and our surroundings too. It primarily serves as a physical environment where humans can live. Over some time after a lot of trial and error, humans aced the techniques of construction and shaped Architecture in new directions.

Throughout history so far, architecture has stood as a representation of society; it helped people to live their life easy with their loved ones. Although, over time, many civilizations had downfall several times. Humans analyze this, and it can be a great help or valuable research of why and what was the reason for the downfall so that we learn from past mistakes and understand the living. An ancient human construction technique, which we can take further and make our good way of living.

Architecture and Human

The concept of architecture (shelter) is simple. The style of building was originally thrived by the climate of a particular location on the earth, using readily available materials and the values of the society between them. Over some time, the world started connecting fast, the style evolved, and the architecture shaped in different directions with a new edge when the construction material started to get to other places easily through the transportation system. A human cannot shape his life without Architecture. It affects society on a high level but also more on a personal level. The aura, landscape, emotions, and everything we feel is due to the kind of spaces we choose to live in. It is, therefore, not surprising that our physical and mental health is through and through counting on it.

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Paris, France – June 18, 2015: night scene of The Louvre Palace and the pyramid in Paris_

Well- designed Architecture can be achievable when a person says he feels safe, relaxed and optimistic in his way. We spend nearly 90 % of our lives indoors, inside homes, schools, and our workspace surplus to in other building typologies.

What our future holds without Architecture?

The journey of humans from caveman to cognitive person was a long way without shortcuts. It took several centuries. The current and modern lifestyles have a different scenario than that prehistoric man used to have once. We are currently dealing with climatic change and then react sensibly. It no longer caters for our basic needs. The change with time is natural and humans change themselves according to the circumstances in a rational way. That is how the entire universe works. Our design problem has now inclination towards energy efficiency and others but, what keeps revolving is Architecture for the betterment of life.

Energy efficient planning and design for the betterment of the world_

Ever wondered if there is bad Architecture or good Architecture. That is an entire chapter on man-made structures. Architecture is just the beginning.

“We shape our buildings, and thereafter our buildings shape us.”

  Winston Churchill


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Harleen Dhawan is currently pursuing Interior architecture. Having an analytical undertone to her poetic perceptions of the world, she explores to decode the essence of space into its elemental aspects. Her driving force is to promote and acknowledge varied opinions, stories and perceptions to widen our sense of the world.