‘Architectural Jury’ is the most terrifying word in the life of an architectural student. But don’t panic as it is not that horrifying if you are well prepared. Here are a few tips for acing your first architecture jury and know the things that are bound to happen in every jury!

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1. Do not complete sheets on the Architectural Jury Day Itself

Most of the students complete their final sheets and model on the Jury day itself. You will find some running for final sheet printouts and then might be late for Jury or sometimes the printer might run out of ink at the last moment. And then end up flunking out in the jury. So, remember, ‘To be prepared is half the victory’. Preparedness will also give you extra confidence and calmness. This mindset will keep you focused on D-Day!

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2. Where is the North?

A favorite question of every juror. Make sure you mention the North, scale of the drawing on every sheet and the model. Why give the smallest of chances for unnecessary remarks?

3. Stick to Graphics

Too much of a text is always boring. However strong research data you might have collected if it’s just plain text seen on presentation sheets it is going to be a total turn off for the juror. Also, the people associated with the field of architecture are more comfortable with graphical representation instead of representing via text. Add graphics, that helps explain better and results in a smooth encounter with the jury. 

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4. Importance of a Concept and Quality Drawings

The Concept is a crucial part of the design. It binds the design together. Almost all the jurors would ask you to explain your concept at the very start of the architectural jury. That would help them know your design ideology. If you can convince your concept to your jurors you win!

Choose drawings that are worthy of discussions. There is a natural temptation to pin it all up on the wall as proof that you’re a good student, to demonstrate that you’ve put a lot of time and energy into the process to get to this point. One sheet or ten sheets, your work is not going to be enough if it lacks good design content. Your classmates would flaunt twenty sheets on the jury day but still might end up with a bad jury review. Choose quality over quantity. Choose wisely.

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5. Make the Script ready

Make a small note of your presentation flow. Note down the introduction, strong points of design and your overall design approach. Refer to it during the architectural jury. This ready script will showcase your preparedness and save you from missing out on important discussion points. 

6. Waiting for your turn for the jury? Keep Calm!

As you wait for your turn for your jury, you would find your friends getting attacked by knives like a dart game from the jurors. Do not panic then. Remember to take criticism constructively and not argue.

Jurors can be confusing. As you wait, you would notice the simple-looking calm jurors might turn out like worst nightmares for your classmates but understand if you are prepared enough nothing can stop you from acing that jury!

7. Types of presentation boards

Inside the jury room, you would see a variety of presentation boards. From grid, radial, over-stuffed, unorganized to colorful template presentations. Good representation definitely catches the attention span and speaks for your representation skills too. Try a new presentation style for every jury to see what works best for you.

8. The Juror Perspective

If you present your concept and design to ten different jurors you will definitely have ten different outcomes and perspectives towards your design. Understand that every individual will have a different take on your project. Listen to what people are offering you in terms of objective criticism and mentally dump the subjective criticism

9. Understand the Juror Psychology

Some jurors feel that giving you a hard time will help “thicken your skin” or “toughen you up.” Others feel that guiding you to a more abundant way of thinking is more helpful. It all varies depending on the personality.

The juror in an architectural jury will have their own pressures. They don’t want to be perceived as fools in front of their peers or students either. They are obliged to share their remarks and provide you with profound insight during the jury. This can sometimes be burdensome and daunting. Remember, they are only helping you improve and provide wisdom they earned from years of practice and experience in the field of architecture.

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10. Post Jury Interview

After the jury as you walk out, you would be interviewed like a popular movie star or a politician! After jury press conferences are bound to happen as your classmates would want to know your experience, learnings and remarks. Have fun and enjoy the star treatment!

However bad your architectural jury was, do not let that discourage you from thinking out of the box and trying. If it was a good jury day give a pat on the back, you deserve it. Most importantly go to sleep for a few hours because you really need it!

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Shefali is a passionate architecture enthusiast, a curious learner who loves trying out new things in life. Her love and admiration for intricate structures is seen in her architectural sketches. She loves reading about the changing trends in architecture and modern construction technology. She strongly believes in hard work, discipline and consistency in both academics and professional life.