What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Architecture’? Cement, Labourers, House, Bricks, and whatnot. Well, that’s partly true. Architecture is not just about building a house but more about creating numerous spectacular masterpieces using the knowledge of construction, materials, art, and details along with the inspirations from nature and an urge to change this world. An architect’s thoughts are beyond the imaginations of common people. Every venture acts as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and grow.

The fun part of the journey is schooling. The transition from ruled book to the plain sketchbook, from sharpener to cutter, from mechanical HB pencil to normal 2B pencil, from scissors to cutter, from ruler to T-square is amusing and seems like a blessing in disguise. 

Getting anxious while giving presentations and juries and afterward hanging out carelessly, working on your sheets the whole night, and in the end, giving all your assignments in one go are just architectural things. Studying history all over again sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Researching about how people in the past lived their lives and created millions of remarkable buildings around the globe encourages us every day.

Rediscovering the Astonishing Journey of Architecture School
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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

We Architects tend to learn from our mistakes and never give up. After hundreds of redos and thousands of torn sheets, we happen to present our best work on the day of the jury. It is quite hilarious how we end up judging ourselves before the juror does. 

On the very first day of my design discussion, I panicked just by looking at my teacher’s blank face. My mind was running a marathon of negative thoughts consisting of how my teacher is gonna treat me throughout the term and how I made an awful impression on the first day. I was discouraged for a while but I soon moved on. On the day of the jury, I did well and when I looked back, I didn’t see a coward girl afraid of the teacher’s face but a girl who learned pretty much from her mistakes. 

Long story short, We happen to make the accelerated choices of going back to the drawing board even if there’s no need to and It sometimes takes more than a year for us to accept the fact that the good things do come after the bad ones.

The Whole Nine Yards

It is a normal human tendency to try to be perfect but no one in God’s green earth is perfect. Consistency is more important than perfection and A trivial event can make you learn a whole lot more than a series of major events combined. The annual events of colleges are entertaining and the moments we spend with our inner circle are lively. 

While attending one of my workshops (Coffee Brewing Workshop to be precise) in the annual event of our college. We were supposed to pour hot water through the ground beans of coffee, and my phone rang, and the jar full of coffee spilled all over the table making me feel super embarrassed in front of my friends, seniors, teachers, and of course the host. 

Later, I realized that it is seldom okay to make mistakes and let people around you laugh.  I learned never to pick up a call while working because you might end up spilling coffee all over your life.

Live and Learn

Unlike other programs, architecture is more about innovation using practical knowledge instead of working for hours on computers and making reports. Managing your passion and profession altogether and grasping the affirmatives is exactly what multitasking is. I’ve been learning music since my childhood and architecture never came in my way of chasing my music goals. 

Instead, it gave me the energy and desire to strive for perfection in all the fields of my interests and heal my mistakes in every possible way. Neither architecture is super easy, nor it is extremely hard. On the other, It is all about how you want to survive that phase and come out as sparking as a diamond one could ever see.

Enthusiasm doesn’t always happen after spending time with your friends in clubs, but, more in getting the sleep you haven’t had in days because you were working day and night giving your clients their dream manor. The real happiness is in the satisfaction of completing your assignment before the deadline and watching others still working while you’re lying on your bed. 

Architecture made me experience everything from the bests to the worsts in just a year. Today, when I look back to the initial days of my college, my first year sheets and projects, the way I used to communicate, I instantly smile and take in the breath of satisfaction that I made it through one and I’m gonna make it through all five of them.


Stuti Bhagwat is an architecture student at SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture, Pune. She’s been writing poems, articles, blogs and short stories on real world issues and believes in changing and encouraging the world through writing practices. Apart from writing interests, she has been awarded numerous awards for music performances on national level.