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Our planet is home to various species and built forms. Everything keeps growing and withering away with time; what remains are the footprints and massive structures. Humans – the quick-witted ones were able to create and invent countless entities, which later assisted them in various activities. The increase in activities increased the need for spaces as per the use. It accommodates occupants and assists them.

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Human and Architecture- Coexistence_©Vanishya Vasanth

Architecture is the Beginning

The beginning is unknown; while it is predictable, it stays a mystery since no one living in the present witnessed it. Life is such a subtle existence it requires protection and development throughout its presence on this planet. These particular needs were itself a great deal in the emergence of architecture. Humans were once wanderers who evolved into tool-using mammals adapting to the living conditions and surroundings. Their capability to seek a better environment led to the introduction of architecture into this world. It started when people had to encounter harsh weather, natural calamities and wild animals attack; shelter became a basic need – at first, they settled in caves and later developed their living spaces according to the changes and demands.

Architecture is the Identity

Numerous decades have been born and faded, and throughout this development has been a constant. While time has been slipping away with the changes, the interconnection between humans and architecture has been advantageous. Imagining a world without architecture might result in visualising a world without human existence. 

Architecture is the very mirror of life. You only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the presence of the past, the spirit of a place; they are the reflection of society. – I. M. Pei

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Fantastic Paris Through The Eyes of Tatiana Liccia_©Liccia T

The sustenance of the present without architecture will question not only the existence of humans but also question presence of any form of life on this planet. A built environment is a driving force to sustain life and cater for a safe livelihood. The differentiation between past, present and future –  can be done by analysing the architecture of that era. The period of change has affected both and bought in developments throughout till date.

Architecture is the Dream

Architecture is about trying to make the world a little more like our dreams.- Bjarke Ingels

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Treehotel’s Biosphere hosts people and birds in Harads, Sweden_©Bjarke Ingels Group

Every single entity in the surrounding is an imagination the creator beholds. It was all created as per the requirements of the people, the purpose, the period and the place. Just like how visions can turn into art by putting them on canvas, architecture holds life by giving them form and function. A dream that might seem void and vague takes in the ultimate power to erect limitless possibilities that cater to all needs. From home to resorts, schools to offices, malls to recreational spaces, it provides various options to complete the surroundings. Once upon a time, people lived in caves; fast-forward to the present and the unpredictable world that keeps changing accommodates the various needs of people in different forms, just like a dream from the past.

Architecture is the Culture

Humans are individuals or groups with opinionated thoughts on the way they live, the routine they follow and their habits; such traits are in the built environment. It defines various cultures, societies and political backgrounds that existed in the past, without which it would lose significance. The evidence collected throughout the period gives an insight into the humans who lived at that time. It not only provides a physical form but also creates empathy. Culture defines the uniqueness of the environment – if architecture could not validate, there would have been similar forms of structures irrespective of place and time. Humans play a significant role in imprinting their values and practices through architecture.

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Meenakshi Temple_©

Buildings are deeply emotive structures which form our psyche. People think they’re just things they manoeuvre through, but the makeup of a person is influenced by the nature of spaces. – David Adjaye

Architecture is the Now

The amalgamation of art and science brings architecture in diverse forms. The present wouldn’t exist without architecture –  through the phases of changes and evolution, the present was crafted by humans. They are interrelated, which makes it impossible to exist without each other. The contemporary world stands as evidence. The facilities and the lifestyle have changed and require a sustainable continuity. Today architects’ main aim is to create a self-sufficient and energy-efficient building that is environmentally responsible. The values and thoughts have bought a revolution in architecture itself with time and place.

Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Skyline, New York_©Killah

Throughout the change in different eras or time period, architecture remained inconstant and kept taking various shapes as per social, economical, political and cultural developments of individuals. Though many went down in ruins it still marks a beginning and transforms itself as an identity. The existence of humans matters to shape the world for a better liveable place, and this can be achieved via architecture in various fields of work and need. Are you, as an Architect working towards validating your existence? 


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Vanishya Vasanth is an architectural graduate and an enthusiastic writer. She writes to remember, gaining knowlege with every word. You will find her sketching and doodling her thoughts dreaming of a self-sufficient and sustainable world ahead.