The world is full of trees, birds, butterflies, and many more natural beauties that encourage humans to explore but in the wide variety of human beings there exist, Architects. The people belonging to the architecture community are different because they explore to observe. Architecture is one of the few fields of learning that changes a person’s perspective from a common man to an observer and as a result to an inventor. The field stuffs its students with numerous basic academic and art knowledge and cooks them to become curious enthusiasts to spread visual knowledge wrapped in art.   

Every architect is an inquisitive child

For an architect, every view is new information, either a vision of an old building in the city or a new scenery of nature. Everything is as interesting to the architect’s eye as the world to a newborn child. The person from this field is always seen mesmerizing the elements of the city, from staring at the canopy of the malls to noticing the distance of the audience seat from the screen in a picture hall instead of enjoying the basic entertainment a designer is always sighted focusing on the elements of design, materials or standards.

Curiosity is one common characteristic that is usually experienced in this route, studying never-ending civilizations and the development of art through various dynasties creates a spirit of inquiry for the origin of almost everything. All creative beings have traveled from the Paleolithic to the Renaissance and are still trying to figure out deconstructionism. The more one travels through the past the more he/she gets excited about the upcoming ages and the invention in creativity it holds. Remembering every single thing is undoubtedly difficult but enthusiasm makes it easy to understand the roots of the present; this passion for learning is the emotion that each designer shares.

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An enthusiast architect is interested in the window more than the food offered in this café._©Diksha bagwari

Love for art and criticism

A follower of architecture is a worshiper of art also; art and architecture always exist in harmony to provide the human with functional aesthetics. Each revolution in art reflects in the country’s buildings also. The painting Sistine Chapel ceiling, by Michelangelo, is an intricate design full of colors and different human postures, and the church Saint Peter’s Basilica with many complex elements in the exterior and a massive, cohesive unity in the plan both masterpieces represent the period of Renaissance in two different manners but equally appealing to eyes and era.

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Sistine Chapel Ceiling_©httpwww.grandvoyageitaly.compiazzaarm-chair-voyager-high-resolution-views-of-the-sistine-chapel
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Saint Peter’s Basilica_©httpsfocusedcollection.com289688208stock-photo-italy-rome-view-peter-basilica.html

A person in the profession does not only see paintings or buildings as art, but they also find nature to be fascinating, figuring out how a simple spread of water on the ground might come up as a brilliant shape or how a ride toward mountains often reveals many vivid concepts in the form of hills, trees, clouds, and rain, and many many more. The universe is the limit of the people in this design profession.     

A person known for art is well versed in the concept of criticism as well; one who understands the art of creation also knows how to live with condemnation and use it for the betterment of art and generate innovations. Standing on the side of the road to search for faults in the structures or pointing out the mistakes in an under-constructed structure is newfound salvation. One of the most important lessons the institutions provide is reproving the work and accepting the reproval to make the creation more acceptable.

Zest to make the impossible – possible

A life full of different fields of learning and a heart that seeks knowledge holds the ability to provide the world with things it needs and desires. With the strength of gathering an understanding of numerous sectors from studying various plants and trees to searching for standards and norms, architecture is a never-ending educational institution. To develop the best possible product, every new design requires an understanding of related sectors. The life of an architect revolves around research and gaining expertise in many diverse fields. Be a patient and a Doctor to create the best functional hospital, become a teacher and a student to design a school, or find your eye for art to create an aesthetic museum, think about a bellboy to the guests and the managers while creating a functional as well as appealing Hotel, many such structures aid the professionals to follow the path of learning lifetime.

Thinking, learning and executing_©Diksha Bagwari

As a whole, the profession is filled with enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and education. The best way to know the secrets of the earth is to become acquainted with the life of an architect. The field embarks on belief in oneself and the process of creation, embracing life with eternal knowledge is another comfort of entering the field with all the fantastic ways one can live one’s life, this course provides the courage to follow the heart of desire and realize dreams.     


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