As obvious as it is, architecture is ubiquitous. It naturally occurs in nature with or without any supervision from the greatest architects. Each organism co-existing on Earth has since been constructing its way into co-habiting in nature. For instance, ants pave their structure into the ground, ultimately building a comical housing for their community. These instilled qualities into us living organisms only add fact to the statement being architecture prevails everywhere. Once the legend said,  “ultimately, we need to recognise that while humans continue to build urban landscapes, we share these spaces with other species” David Suzuki.

Let’s give this a second thought. A world without architecture? That’s like the walking dead, a human without a brain.

Architecture: An Ubiquitous Occurrence -Sheet1
Stone Age existence_©Thinkstock


Ironically, trying to imagine what it would be like had architecture not been a part of our society seems a tad bit ridiculous since, believe it or not, it has been everywhere and known to all since the age of the Universe. 

Talking about the early stage of prehistoric times, the stone age, mankind lived in caves which were an occurrence in nature to provide shelter against the harsh weather conditions, which simultaneously proves that mankind was programmed and designed to win at everything. Don’t you think? The world is a huge canvas, similar to Minecraft’s trending video game. It already provides numerous sources of shelter to mankind since the beginning.

Cut to reality, which after years of evolution not just organically but also geographically and in architecture, has drastically changed the face of Earth, which has now advanced enough to undertake measures for sustainable living through constructing structures made out of locally available materials. The sight of these structures in such geographic locations to the common eye appears to be a balanced aesthetic whereas, to the proficient eye, the value for nature escalates more rapidly than the gossip in high school. “They can print statistics and count the population in hundreds of thousands, but to each man, a city consists of no more than a few houses, a few people” Graham Green.

Kashmir Vernacular Architecture, a sketch by Shirish Beri_©Shirish Beri



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