The Survival of Design 

Designing is a concept that cannot be created nor destroyed, but can only evolve. Designing must evolve for the world to sustain and survive. Our lives are entirely dependent on the concepts of design. The house we live in, the clothes we wear, the phone we use, the car we drive, the workplace, cafes, malls, transport, gardens, everything around us is the design that impacts our lives daily. Architecture, one of the key elements of designing, is also the only proof of existence since the beginning of time. Everything there is, is nothing but architecture. The past is the reason, the present exists, and only today will design the future. Architecture is the tool that links the existence of the past – present – future. Change and evolution are the only constants that pave the way to the future. 

The Survival of Design: Future of Architecture - Sheet1
Evolution of architecture and design_ ©Arch20, History of architecture

Unlearning to Learning 

Evolution is inevitable. To evolve, one must know what already exists. It is a process of knowing, unlearning, learning, and then adapting. Architecture also is a part of this process. To know the architecture of the future, one must know the architecture of the past, unlearn its methods to learn the new possibilities, and apply and adapt to the new opportunities. Architecture began with the humans, for the humans. The sole purpose of architecture was to protect humankind. 

At the beginning of time, it was nature all around. Man needed protection from animals and the changing seasons. This led to the creation of a cave, a home, a shelter. As threats and human necessities increased, humans started designing improved shelters that gave them better protection and more possibilities. With changing times, the purpose of architecture also evolved. From protection to comfort and luxury, to growth and prosperity. 

As the human minds evolved, their surroundings started developing. From a single cave to well-planned cities and skyscrapers. The definition of Architecture evolved to a whole new level. Today architecture is not only impacting humans physically but also financially, socially, culturally, and psychologically. Today architecture is so involved in our daily routines that humans are dependent on it. The involvement and dependency of architecture show us a sneak peek at our future, where architecture not only shelters us but benefits us in almost all sectors. It brings comfort, well-being, and productivity. Somehow, the architecture we are designing today will control our future.  

Human – Technology – Nature 

Today the human world revolves around technology and nature revolves around humans. Today humans are rapidly exploring technology while gradually exploiting nature. The future involves the interdependency of technology, nature, and humans on each other. Nature will be the greatest threat to humankind in the future. Future turbulence for humans can be survived by its designed architecture. Hence, architecture for the future must evolve to bridge the gap between the three coexisting variables in an efficient and optimum manner. 

Shifting cultural trends will also impact the future of architecture. The meaning of aesthetic, the method of learning, the process of designing everything will renovate as per evolution. The future of architecture must be designed to protect them, safeguard them, allow them to grow and at the same time should be able to provide for them. The future of living should be sustainable enough for the communities and their surrounding environment to survive. 

The Survival of Design: Future of Architecture - Sheet2
The connection between Nature and Technology_©the Beam Magazine, Amazon

The future world is so technology-driven but devoid of physical human experiences that the architecture must be more human-centric, and should pay attention to the spaces and experiences of communities. Architecture must unite people, cultures, spaces, and their ideas. Architecture for the future must evolve in terms of an individual’s needs and wants as well. In terms of comfort, luxury, convenience, and availability where the humans and their environment are holistically safe. 

To sustain the future, we want for ourselves, we must start the investment today. Architecture today is transitioning towards sustainability. Technology is the tool in safeguarding a sustainable future. Today almost anything and everything is being controlled by technology. Architecture also is improving because of the use of technology and science. Building materials, building technologies, and planning of structures are done keeping both nature and human needs in mind. Smart and efficient use of labor and machines are done. Spaces are designed to impact human psychology and productivity. Multifunctional spaces and ideas are uniting various communities. Buildings are being made of paper, bamboo, rammed earth, and numerous natural materials. Cities are designed to withstand earthquakes. Waste is being recycled efficiently. People are visiting cities with just a touch on the screen. Communication and traveling are no longer limited to transportation. The world is already evolving at a much faster rate. The future of architecture is not far away. It is full of possibilities and creative imaginations. What we want our future to be, must be planned today. 

The Survival of Design: Future of Architecture - Sheet3
The Future we want to be a part of_©TMD Studio LTD

Today is Day 1 of the Future 

The future of architecture can only evolve as much as a society can adapt. Today not everyone can adapt to the advancing technology and sustainable lifestyle habits, similarly, the future also holds many limitations. The evolution must cater to individual and diverse flexibility in order to safeguard their lifestyles. 

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Today is Day 1 of the Future_©TMD Studio LTD

The future is nothing but an evolved version of what has already happened. In order to sustain, our architecture must also be an evolved version of what already exists. Architecture fuels the process of evolution. Architecture is the foundation of our future existence. Architecture must define and design our survival in the future. It should reflect a new definition of shelter, work, communication, transport, technology, health, and well-being for humans and their environment.  

The future of architecture is the only survival of humankind and design. 


An Architect aiming to redesign the idea of design. She believes that architecture is a story of built and unbuilt. The architecture we see is not the whole story, there are multiple layers to it. Pooja believes in unfolding these layers to the world and exploring architecture beyond perception.