Life in this line of work, as known to the outside world seems very monotonous. Whether you’re canceling out on your weekend plans or you are returning to your room the next morning. We have all been there and seen that piteous look in our roommate’s eyes. And that’s actually the best part about architecture school, you don’t have to worry about waking up, because you’d already been up.  

YES, we are talking about THE ALL-NIGHTERS. As depressing as it sounds, it isn’t really that bad. We architects just like to crib about it and show everyone how hard is to live as an archi-student. Obviously not! Our sleeplessness is not an act of heroism or simply for show. It happens out of dedication to our work and faith in our abilities to see our visions through. 

Well, there’s no doubt that architecture students have no life beyond their STUDIO! And most of you all will agree to this no matter how consuming the studio is, it is where we live. As Annie Dillard beautifully writes“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.

A regular night in the studio isn’t just a bunch of students working, there’s a lot more to that. We are the owls that head out at three am in rain just to grab a snack or dance at five in the morning to the classics or run an errand looking for the right materials, or literally just be whining about our never-ending list, the to-do list or here we call it the RE-DO LIST. Little do they know of the fun we get to live in that big room full of all kinds of maniacs, enthusiasts, and passionate humans.

I have no life -Architecture Student - Sheet1
Architecture college_Sanjay Rawat

Living in the studio means eating there, sleeping there and also, playing there. Well, we are still kids at heart, and who doesn’t love to play, right? So this one night, around 4 am a group of classmates decided to play hide and seek IN THE STUDIO. They ran from floors to floors, hid under tables, and behind doors not caring for the work in hand and really enjoying that time. It was over-whelming to onlook the vibe that existed in the studio that night. Long hours of studio can get tiring and even frustrating at times but all of us end up loving the studio and actually enjoy being in there.

I’m sure everyone has goofy memories from their time in the studio. Do share them in the comments below!

Procrastination runs in the blood of every architecture student and apart from checking phone, scrolling through Instagram feed and binging an episode or five on Netflix, there’s the hustle and bustle of large tracing sheets and 3D models on our desks, which compels us to postpone, ending up stressing our minds and pushing our time to the deadline week! Oh dear! Always a terrifying thought.

The days leading up to the jury are nothing short of intense. Everyone is in nonstop production mode and, at times, panic mode. The constant sound of the laser cutters and printers right until the very morning of the review permeates throughout the studio. 

Students working hard_

Speaking of the deadline week and not mentioning an architect’s best friend would be a disappointment. Whether you’re a coffee or a monster drink person or even both you know the drill! The idea of energy drinks initially mystified me, but I gave it a try once in my second semester and haven’t felt more grateful since. A set of work that would take days to complete, a monster drink will make you finish it all in just one night. Coffee breaks and pizza breaks are always the best part of our days.

While pulling all-nighters might help us increase productivity levels by enhancing design times, concentration levels, and decrease the daytime distractions, this is one unhealthy habit. To give justice to your creativity and productivity levels, you are better off going to bed at best six hours a night, no matter how hard it is to drag yourself away from your laptop. The best advice given by a senior that is “Be present where you are” and honestly the mantra works like a charm. This way you’re able to leave home at home, and studio at studio and life eventually balances.