Architecture is a narrative of subtle stories of the buildings foretold with its emotions. Being in Architectural life, one has gone through drastic things in life from having a messed up sleep schedule, caffeine addiction, to having no fingerprints after using glue for that model that was rejected, or that word vomits on the juries, we have suffered through it all. But there have been silver linings to this structure, might seem very thin but we do get the best of it, be it sleeping on the sheets in the studio, or be it the trips to new places with your friends, or getting happy over the stationary. We make so many memories along the way at its best. One such memory I have from my time was of the time prior to the Nasa Convention.

Self-Band on the Highway - Sheet1
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Now, we all have done our fair share of fun in our NASA, as being in this field we get this amazing opportunity to get our inner extroverts out and just let go and experience the best of it. So did we, when I was in my third year on the way to ZNC, we were traveling to the college where the convention was to take place through the bus, it was an overnight journey, but early morning, a couple of hours before reaching our bus broke down in the most cliché way there is on the highway. We were to wait for the time as the driver worked on it. But nothing would’ve turned the thirty of us down, so we got off on the highway and as it was the time of the sunrise, we sat on the side paths and watched the beautiful sunrise. One of us in the most notorious way possible took out our drums, now we all know how important drums are when it comes to NASA conventions. To be able to beat the drums as loud as one can to dominate on the convention ground amidst the flag fight is more of a tradition now. So in the early morning, as the sun shone the first of its rays on our faces, we played drums on the highway. 

Almost like an amateur band we went on for what felt like hours but it was the mere excitement of having completed the trophies staying overnights in the studios, be it weird handmade stapled fashion dresses, or rejected sheets that later became bedsheets for naps or the terror of what if the laptop breaks down. To have to go over that every day, the 3-day convention acts as a breath of fresh air which holds the most amazing experience an architecture student goes through. It’s exhilarating in itself with so many things happening at the same time, kind of reflecting an architecture student’s life. 

Self-Band on the Highway - Sheet2
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To be able to look back at all those nostalgic memories that only happen in Architecture, which we called suffering feels more like a forlorn memory now that shaped us. We still may suffer through the disturbed sleep cycle or might still depend on caffeine every day, but it more or less has become a part of us. From being known with our so-called weapons of T-scale and Sheet holders to balancing coffees and our laptop, we have come a long way and it has been a journey that will stay with us for a long time like me shortly cutting the deadline of this article, hope you had just as many epiphanies in your designing as I did while writing this nostalgic article.


Ashmita Gupta is an Architecture student who believes art is the medicine of life. A book sniffer and an indie music addict, she is often driven with curiosity and hence finds her thrill in art and literature.