When do you untick on the calendar, when the day starts or when the day ends? I am sure many of you would find crossing the calendar the most satisfying part of the day. Just like Bravo! You were quality today. 

It is a yellow day. April the 18 was the day the calendar was asking me to untick. I unticked the calendar right in the morning, as I knew I would go through this day pretty perfectly. 

I completed my chores and got on with my “perfect day.” I stepped, measuring my way to “what next.” What next thing would make a monumental impact on my life yet to come? I walked, I waved, I smiled my way through. The smell of Jasmine was vibrant that day. I stopped for a moment to get into its sweetness. 

Only to meet a guy, unusually regular looking. He was lost, and I was going to the same class. Yeah, I met a new classmate before meeting in the class. He was an epigrammatist. He beguiled me in this own world of perfection, and I was left thinking if this is why I unticked my calendar in the morning. 

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The conversation led us to talk about Christopher Nolan and his ‘Inception.’

I watched Inception a long back. When we started talking, I realized the quote, “I am the Architect of my Dreams,” could mean. He states, “This quote is a complete paradox.” I had an elaborate class on Paradoxes and tried to understand the gravity of his statement. 

Not everyone understands an epigrammatist; people don’t devise their thinking in that direction. Nevertheless, when two frequencies intersect, they can add up or cancel each other. It was the addition that happened. That guy has a distinctive choice of words. Stating the same sentence as I would, the same pause, same humor.

He went on how exceptionally more significant is the métier, French for the ‘job,’ is Architecture.

What is a dream? It is a dream when you sleep or is it when you are awake. I realized how, when I sleep, I get these ‘visions’ on how my design should leap. Again, I went into the abyss of my thoughts on how all he was saying started making sense. The Inception of Architecture and Dreams. He went on rambling that how the world of the real architect and the dream world of the movie architect are mostly the same: both resemble realms of fantasy and desire. In the deepest recesses of dreaming, time runs increasingly slowly.


That when the time is slow is when we get to look at our Designs for a little longer and with more conscious. Our subconscious helps look at perspectives we somehow neglected but always there at the back of our heads. And in the profound realm of our dreams, we find perfection in every angle, every line, every point in our designs. And he went on and on and on, eventually late for the class. 

Then he asked me what was going on in my architectural life. And I told him how I was busy designing and keeping people and the heritage in the center. And then he took me to a fascinating world; you look at it with the eyes of your brain. You paint with words. You smile because, yes, you understand all. And I was slowly getting close to the reason why I unchecked the calendar in the morning.  It just felt right. Every moment, every word, it’s like I was talking to myself. 

What wrong a lot of architects do these days is they never listen to themselves, always the client, consistently their superior. The originality comes from within, but we all are afraid of bringing the crazy to the table. A lot of our ideas die because we kill them. 

Growing apathy, architects today forget what was taught in Architecture School. They forget to consider the human factor in the equation of designing. 

There is a funny story in which Ted Mosby tells about considerations, “One an architect designed a Perfect Library. Everything in it was perfect. But the architect forgot to consider the weight of the books. It sank year by year, eventually leading to its abandonment.” 

This boy’s thoughts so moved me that it made me believe that this guy is me. 

You know this is the beauty of humor; it makes you feel something. It makes you happy. It makes you sad. It inspires you. It makes you feel something. Enlightens you, makes you wonder. 

It was indeed A glitch in the matrix and went on to make me believe in something. It changed the way I think about sleep, dreams, and all-nighters because I would try Lucid-dreaming every day. Seeking inspiration on my project, or finding solace.  It surely did because when I woke up, it was morning, and the calendar was still unticked.


Sana, an architecture undergrad at Jamia Millia, is a staunch believer that the world owes it's beauty to architects. The ever-expanding concrete jungle is aesthetics, from the thoughts of an architect behind it. Foodie by nature Sana loves traveling, music; and an empty canvas is all that makes up an ideal day for her. She can binge-watch documentaries in sweatpants nights down. She aspires to live a life less ordinary.