For any child, who dreams of becoming an Architect, Architecture means something as simple as building structures of different shapes and sizes. Deciding which color the wall will be, what kind of lighting should be used, and bringing out the best version of any space by enhancing its beauty is what is the basic idea in the head. With all this being true, there’s a lot more adventure in store for an Architect!

When we start our journey of becoming an Architect, at some architectural school, we meet several students coming from different backgrounds having divergent ideas about architecture. Some are there because they love art, few of them think that the course is easy, while some don’t even know why they are a part of the batch! It is years later we realize that none of these presumptions about architecture are true. 

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No one memory can be specifically pointed out about the journey. With each passing year hundred more, are added to the previous collection. Being an architecture student is not an easy task. Zaha Hadid, an inspiration to many, has said,” If you want an easy life, don’t be an Architect.” With almost hundreds of sheets, unlimited amounts of redo, sleepless nights, and a clock ticking overhead, friends and colleagues are the only saviors in our lives. The bond is so strong that they become family and more. The projects we do are like our own baby. Each project is like a new experience. While there are experiences that teach you a good, tough lesson, others are light and funny, adding up to the memory bank.  

One such funny story occurred while I was interning in my third year. It was just the beginning of a redevelopment project. So after discussing with the chairman and the developer, I and my colleague were given instructions to go and take the measurements of the existing building. We reached the site, took the original plans, and began the assigned work. The building was a standalone four storey building, with two flats on each floor. It was kind of awkward to take measurements of the flats with the owners living there, but we had to do our job. While interacting and hearing stories of residents, I realized that though they had decided to redevelop their building, they were emotionally attached to the space even at that moment. It was then when the importance of sentimentality in architecture struck my mind. While I was thinking on the same lines, there, we entered the next house. We were waiting for the family to permit us to start with our work, when one of the members, asked the other, ” So architectures are here? “. For a second, I was in shock. It was the first time I heard someone referring to me as architecture and not as an Architect. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the last time. Interacting with different people is a fun element of our job. 

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Professor B.V. Doshi once stated,” The most common things are experience, the rasa, which is the subtle experience of space that makes the space memorable” . With space, come people, and with people come emotions. Architecture is a roller coaster ride of emotions. It is fluid and binds an Architect with different aspects of life. It teaches you the beauty of hard work and patience. Unknowingly, while designing spaces, a person is also craving out the best version out of oneself. It teaches you a way of living life. It is a give and take relationship between an Architect and the society. Through years of practice, the experiments, the submissions, the deadlines, the panic before these deadlines, and sleepless nights with friends turned family, architecture gives nothing less than the golden memories that remain in the hearts forever.

Nimisha Gore 


For Nimisha, designing spaces is like food for her soul. She loves dogs and is super passionate about traveling. Sensitive and philosophical at heart, she loves capturing little magical moments around, through her photography. She believes that with hard work and discipline anything can be achieved.