The waterfall and basin have been part of the economic life of Montmagny, Quebec since the first settlements. There was a mill built which is today replaced with a hydro-electric dam. The basin, in addition to harbouring shipyards, has allowed and still allows important activities related to fishing and transportation.

Client: Graph Synergie / Ville de Montmagny  (Félix Michaud, Directeur général, Ville de Montmagny,
418 248-3362, poste 2010)
Location: Monmagny-Quebec, Canada
Year Completed: 2017

The lighting design intention was to make Montmagny falls as the focal point around the vicinity The challenging and constrained landscape was the focus during the planning thinking sustainability; water flow, water level variation, ice during the winter season, the nearby residences, and the Coast Guards around the areas. Ombrages and Graph Synergie took these challenges and use it as an advantage to create several points of views where laser survey of the site was carried out wherein this technology ensures a high level of precision in the modelling allowing technical and realistic simulations. Colours were added to accentuate the dynamic changes of the landscape of the falls throughout the year. Lighting embraces the flowing water, rocks or ice depending on water level and season.

This careful thinking and process provided a lighting strategy that the citizens and visitors of Montmagny can admire and enjoy the scene at the same time show its scale and beauty through light that revealed its form and textures in different angles especially when light reflects on different elements providing a unique atmosphere around the falls.

Services provided by Ombrages: Preliminary sketches, custom lighting design, plans and specifications, site supervision, lighting design and programming.

Mehdi Laieb is the principal and founder of the Ombrages Group. With more than 28 years’ experience, Mehdi has unparalleled knowledge both in architectural and engineering aspects of lighting. With his expertise, Mehdi understands the importance of quality lighting to the atmosphere and harmony of both interior and exterior spaces; the colours of light, how it interacts with the materials and finishes with ultimate integration to all components.

With Mehdi’s forward-thinking leadership, he goes far and beyond employing a diversity of disciplines and created four (4) divisions in lighting comprising design, engineering, industrial design and research that are interconnected expertise to respond to all opportunities in a project may it be in business, commerce and leisure, city and municipality, institutional and government, real estate and development, roadway and infrastructure. Creation and innovation are the key elements of Mehdi’s success in handling lighting projects.


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