This summerhouse is built for two sisters and their families, three of them architects. It is located on the south coast of Norway, in the Oslo fjord.

Project Name: Cabin Herfell
Studio Name: PUSHAK ASLie Oyen

Cabin Herfell by PUSHAK ASLie Oyen - Sheet5

The cabin has a long and narrow shape to fit the steep terrain of the plot. The building is carefully placed and modeled to give room for small outdoor areas facing different wind and sun conditions. To be able to shelter a big family, all communication areas are placed outside under a cantilevered roof.

Cabin Herfell by PUSHAK ASLie Oyen - Sheet7

The summerhouse contains five double bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room with several zones to house different groups of people at the same time. Both the kitchen/living room and the bedrooms are located toward the south and west, with large windows overlooking the sea.

Cabin Herfell by PUSHAK ASLie Oyen - Sheet9

The cabin is constructed using cast in place concrete and wooden construction, with pine and copper cladding. The cabin has polished concrete floors, and the interior walls are clad with organ pine plywood. The project is a collaboration with Lie-Øyen Architects.


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